Worst customer service

Worst customer service

Worst customer service

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Worst customer service

I have been with Koodo for more than 2 years, never had a problem. 

I switched to Fido and bought a Samsung phone on contract. The calls were dropping all the time and most of the times the other person couldn't hear me.

I filed my first complaint and my phone signal was reset but the problem persisted. I responded to feedback email , and no follow up call/effort from Fido to check if the problem was still persisting. Finally i thought its enough and i called customer service to check available options. I was directed to Walmart and walmart said 15 days replacement warranty is over and you need to send this phone to Samsung via mail for repairs.

Seriously? I had launched a complaint with Fido on 3rd day i bought the phone second complaint was on 5 day and Fido never mentioned that there might be a problem with the phone. 

Why should I live without phone for 15 days when Fido didnt even care to solve my problem/ take feedback.

Now i am paying a mobile bill for worst customer service/bad phone.

I will Never recommend anyone Fido!!



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Hi @Amitmadaan & welcome to the Community!


I'm sad to see that you were having trouble with your phone and that you're unsatisfied with your experience. Sad This definitely isn't how we want our customers to feel!


That said, before sending your phone out for repair, there are a few other troubleshooting steps that can be done. Have you already tested your SIM card in a different phone to see if the issue continues?


Let me know. Smiley

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Hi Maria,
Thank you for your response. I have tried following troubleshoots so far:
- tried sim card in different phone
- taking sim card out, cleaning the dust/mouisture if any.
- turned on the data on roaming with restricted background

If the phone is defective then should this not be considered under 15 days replacement?

Thank you for clarifying @Amitmadaan


I will send you a PM so we can look into this further. 

Hey @Amitmadaan,


Thanks for taking the time to let us know.


The 15 days satisfaction guarantee does allow you to benefit from a like for like exchange for a new device if the device is defective, however, only within the first 15 days following the purchase.


Has it been more than 15 days that you've had the phone by now?

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Hi Claudia,
Thank you for your response. When i bought the phone i was told my first point of contact is Fido in case of any problems and i was confirmed by Fido customer service on april 20th that there seems to be an issue with the hand set, which is 20 days from date of purchase. I bought this on Mar 31st.
I was also advised to take this to Walmart and they can see notes on my account. Walmart outrightly said this is more than 15 days old, we WiLL not entertain any requests and i will have to send the phone to Samsung. I live in Trail BC and nearest centre is atleast 4 hours drive/ mail it to Samsung.
I am trying to find out where am i wrong? Why it took Fido 20 days to find out that phone set was bad? And why should i suffer now with all the hassel of mailing the phone and staying without phone for 15 days?


Hey @Amitmadaan


I'm really sorry to hear about the experience you have with your phone now.


We're definitely not saying that you did anything wrong. Your phone should definitely work and that's why there's a manufacturer's warranty on the device in case there might be a problem.

If there is any confusion on how the Satisfaction guarantee works, you can find all the details to be eligible here on the Fido website.


If the device was used more than 15 days, we simply can't take it back.


From there, the phone will need to be sent for repair for any issue. 

To do so, it will be necessary to bring the device to one of our locations. To find one close to you, you can use our locator here


With this said, if you need any help concerning your account, don't hesitate to let us know and we will send you a Private Message here on the Community.









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Looks like Fido doesn't want to acknowledge that it was its mistake that i was not told withing 15 days that my phone is defective.
And now I need to stay without a phone for 20 days. To me that clearly means unprofessionalism and not accepting own mistakes. I am left with no other choice than to pursue this matter under consumer protection act.
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What I don't get is Walmart would have had no choice but to take back the phone no questions asked within the first 15 days. Why didn't you just return the phone before the 15 days expired if you were having all these issues? Complaining afterwards doesn't get you anywhere and of course FIdo can only send out the device for repair if necessary. Fido does give you a loaner phone it's not as if they leave you without service. 

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Yes that is the whole point, I should have been confirmed earlier by Fido that we have done all the trouble shooting possible, i should go to walmart and get it exchanged. And I am not complaining "afterwards" I think i clearly mentioned in my first post that i complained to Fido on 3rd day i bought the phone. The customer service were never serious enough to resolve the issue.