Worst customer service experience.

Worst customer service experience.

Worst customer service experience.

I'm a Participant Level 2

Worst customer service experience.

I was going to go to another company after my contract was up, but turns out, Fido renewed my contract without my consent basically trapping me for another two years. I won't hold back. I hate this company. The customer service is awful. I had to call and get the runaround whenmy ex wanted to pay off her daughters phone that was on my account. They'd tell me she was authorized, then tell her she wasn't when she'd call. I was unable to exchange my new upgraded phone which IS defective. I am paying 67 a month or so for a phone that cannot make or receive calls. Real nice. Awesome plan with Anytime minutes and a voicemail i pay for that i can't use because, get this, i do not have the folding cardboard the little key to open the slots for sd cards and my sim came in

You guys are criminals.

Getting close to three grand from me. Upgraded me with a defective product I'm unable to exchange for a working one because i'm missing a little cardboard?

Garbage customer service.

Garbage products.

Mickey Mouse company.


Fido...your company straight up sucks.

Thanks for 2 more years of BS and 8



Your company is a joke and i cant wait to leave and use another provider.


Hey there @LaRcore


Welcome to the community Smiley


I understand that you're experience so far has not been ideal, and we'd be happy to take a closer look at this together.


I'll be sending you a PM to confirm some details. Since we're unable to force customers on a 2 year term., we'd like to review the changes made on your account and try to turn your experience around.


Talk to your soon!