Worst customer service experience.

Worst customer service experience.

Worst customer service experience.

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Worst customer service experience.

I have been trying to contact the customer service representative and none of my calls was respondent. Apart from that, my email has also not been activated.and due to this, I am not able to view the detail bill. such sluggish service provider, it has become my nightmare to call into fido for the support

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Similar thing happened with me. It seems this is how they work now.  When you call customer service, it takes a long time before they pick up then they make promises over the phone just to get rid of you while they pretend they care and that they will do everything they can to help you. They do no not act on it and don’t follow up  as promised. I’m getting really fed up with Fido.  After 17 years I can confirm their service never been this bad. They became like their parent company-Rogers and as bad as Bell if is possible. Too bad there is not a good alternative out there

Hey @MCG1


I am sorry to hear that your experience over the phone wasn't a positive one, but I assure you that we absolutely value our customers!


I see that we've sent you a PM, let's continue there Smiley


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I just joined and having same experience trying to get through for 1st months cell phone bill shock!!



Hey @milindmehta


Welcome to the Community!


Sorry to hear about all this, we're getting a higher volume in this Holiday time so it's affecting our ways to get back to everyone.


Did you register on Fido.ca already? If not, you should be able to register your email as the username and gain access to your online account and be able to view your bill


Give it a try and let us know Smiley