Wireless Home Phone - Calls not getting through

Wireless Home Phone - Calls not getting through

Wireless Home Phone - Calls not getting through

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Wireless Home Phone - Calls not getting through

Hi, I have two wireless home phone (WHP) lines for ~6 months now, they're great until this problem surfaced...


We have a close relative with VOIP home phone who we exchange calls with often. At first, calls to and from this VOIP# works fine. Then their calls would not get through to us, and now recently we cannot call them using either of the WHP lines as well!


When they (VOIP#) call us, all they hear is ringing until they hang up or the call drops off by itself. On my end, I see the WHP devices will reset themselves when they are calling in! The lights on the device would flash, turn off, then turn back on. When I call the VOIP# now, it will keep ringing but on their end they don't even know I'm calling!


What's worse is that this problem exist between the 2 WHP lines themselves!

(Ex. WHP1 calls WHP2: it works, but when WHP2 calls WHP1: it doesn't work, same problem as above).


I am sure we are missing other calls because of this problem, but we have no way of telling....


Some background info:

- I had voicemail disabled for both WHP lines

- I blocked international calls for both WHP lines (was told calls to/from USA will still work)

- Both WHP devices are the WF720 model

- I tried resetting the devices many times to no effect (power off, batttery out, sim out, etc.)

--> To troubleshoot, I had the international call block lifted from both WHP lines. This did not help the problem.


Online chat said they can't help me with this problem, so I thought I'd try posting here before spending hours on the phone =). So if anyone has suggestions on what I can try, please let me know! Thanks in advance.



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Hey loguo!


I'll send you a PM so we can check out the details together. Smiley