WiFi Calling option, what a joke!

WiFi Calling option, what a joke!

WiFi Calling option, what a joke!

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WiFi Calling option, what a joke!

I've now tried three time to get the WiFi calling option that will allow me to make and receive calls over WiFi networks outside the FIDO service areas.


The WiFi Calling add-on is listed and advertised at $5,00 per month.


The problem is that no one at FIDO has a clue as to how to get the service activated on a cell phone. I have a iPhone 6plus that is fully capable of supporting this service.


Too bad FIDO can't provide what it advertises.



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I check all the phones one by one from this page: 



Here is the list of phones which are compatible with  "Fido Wifi Calling" : 


BlackBerry Bold 9790
BlackBerry Curve 8520
BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300
BlackBerry Curve 9360
Motorola MOTO Z6W
Nokia 6301
Samsung SGH-T336

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Thanks for the info, so WiFi calling is only supported on older, less popular phone models.


So while iPhones with OS8 support WiFI calling, I guess FIDO wants to limit this very useful option. 


Oh well, time to look at what the "others" offer.

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You need to have an "iPhone 5c, 5s, 6, 6 Plus, 6s or 6s Plus with iOS9 or later installed."  This info is at:



It sounds like you have the right phone but the wrong iOS.  Wifi calling works great on my 5S with iOS 9.2.1

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Quick update to this post. WiFi calling should now work for iPhone that are not purchased in canada with ios  update to 9.3. No calling tech support needed, it just works now.

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The $5 wifi calling is their very old (and now basically unsupported) wifi calling option. Rogers announced support for iPhone wifi calling the day iOS was announced last year (June?). There has still been no word from Rogers as to when it will be enabled or if it will be available for Fido or if it will be a paid option.

The only other carrier that announced support at the same time was T-Mobile in the US. Theirs went live the day iOS was launched and it's free. Rogers/Fido could learn a lot about customer service from T-Mobile. "No comment", "no info yet", "just don't know" are not valid answers after over 6 months. I'd prefer "we can't figure it out", "it's harder than we thought", "we changed our minds and it's not happening", "we were kidding" are all better answers than the constant non answers or no answers.
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My feelings exactly! This is the only time I've ever felt disappointed with FIDO. I guess we'll have to wait for them to get their act together or see what the competition offers.

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Hi gor13662,


Thanks for letting me know wifi calling is now supported by Fido! too bad they are charging $5 for the service. I could really use better reception in my basement.


Your iphone6, running on ios8, should have UMA enabled. once you make your payment to Fido, wait a day or two, then reboot your iphone and you SHOULD see the option to enable wifi calling.


For details, read the link below.





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Thanks for the info, but while FIDO via their web site offers the service, they are unable or unwilling to activate it on my phone. In my most recent call to FIDO, I was told that my phone is not compatable with the WiFi calling service, which is **bleep**. If you check FIDO's UMA compatability list, NO phone is compatable. Go figure!


 The "FIDO Answers " people clearly know very little about this topic. 


So I'm stuck, I have a phone that is UMA compatible, I want to buy the FIDO add-on to my monthly service, but FIDO can't or is unable to activate the WiFI calling service. 


very frustrating.