Wi-fi calling

Wi-fi calling

Wi-fi calling

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Wi-fi calling

I'm on fido and use a samsung s5 but did not have access to wi-fi calling base on the tech support from Fido. Fido told me that wifi calling app was only available on the samsung s6 minimum. So, I just pruchased an s6 from a coworker and assume that the app would be available. Last night I did a full reset of the phone and loaded my info to realize that the app is not available on it...I called fido tech and they told me that it was samsung mistake and that I should call them and get support from them... Samsung told me that it was up to the service provider to activate the app for Wifi-calling?? Who's telling the truth? what should I do?


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Can you let us know if your S6 is a Fido phone?


I can confirm that WiFi Calling will only work on Fido Android devices. If you're using a Non-Fido phone, the service will not work. You can also check out all the handset eligibility requirements here


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  Was the S6 you purchased from your co-worker originally from Fido? If not, it unfortunately might not be supported. As far as I am aware, voLTE and Wifi-calling are not available on android devices not purchased from Fido (see here).


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