Why my phone can not access FIDO LTE?

Why my phone can not access FIDO LTE?

Why my phone can not access FIDO LTE?

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Why my phone can not access FIDO LTE?

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These are the frequencies my phone supports. I can match Band 7 with Fido's compatibility for LTE network. But I have never been able to access LTE network. 3G mosltly, sometimes H+.  I'm just wondering if Fido is still providing Band 7 LTE or It is my phone that needs more than just Band 7 to gain access to FIDO LTE

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Hello JeffB,


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  While a phone with limited LTE compatibility should work on the networks, coverage depends on your surrounding cellular towers having corresponding bands/frequencies since not all towers use all of the bands/frequencies. You can get an idea of your surrounding towers here.


  In addition, the different bands/frequencies have slightly different characteristics. The higher frequencies (ie band 7 or 2600MHz) generally have a larger bandwidth (see table here), meaning that they potentially offer greater data speeds. I said potentially, because there are still a number of other factors that affect data speeds -- signal strength, network congestion, etc. 


  On the other hand, the lower frequencies have the greater travel distance and penetrability (see infographic here). So bands 12 or 17 (700MHz) might suit better if you live further away from cellular towers or in cities with a large number of buildings (obstruction interference).


  In addition, as noted above, not all bands/frequencies are used at all of the cellular towers. Generally, band 4 (1700/2100MHz) tends to be more widely available at the cellular towers since it was the original backbone of the LTE network.


  So if you are situated at a location out of reach of band 7, you will not be able to access LTE at that location. Are you unable to access LTE everywhere? Have you tried at different locations?


  All that said, where did you purchase the phone? Have you verified that the network mode is set to GSM/WCDMA/LTE?


  Have you verified that it is using the correct APN settings? Since phone is LTE-capable, it should be using ltemobile.apn  You can verify those settings here.


  Have you tried to enable roaming? Occasionally, some phones/devices outside of their intended markets think they are roaming even though they might be using a local SIM.


  Have you tried using a different SIM in your phone and/or trying your SIM in a different phone?


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I live in Edmonton AB bwt

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Hey @JeffB


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We definitely have an LTE coverage in Edmonton. Did you get a chance to try a manual network search to see what comes up? 


I would also suggest taking a peek at this thread here from one of our MVP's Cawtau, it covers all the relevant APN settings and information to have your phone properly configured for our network.