Why is my ip address from gbr ?

Why is my ip address from gbr ?

Why is my ip address from gbr ?

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Why is my ip address from gbr ?




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  Where did you find that IP address? Was it from your phone's status information? If you did find that IP address from there, that is not a public IP address. If your phone only provided one IP address, it would likely be IPv4. The address shown is a result of Rogers' version of IPv4 network address translation (NAT). To determine your public IPv4 address, you can visit one of the many online sites such as What is my IP address


  My phone's status information shows my IPv4 address to be 25.xx.xx.xx while those sites showed my public IPv4 address to be 24.114.xx.xx (Rogers domain)


  Some phones will also provide an IPv6 address. That address is likely public since both my phone and those sites show the same IPv6 address.


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I'm not sure I understand your question.


Could you clarify?