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Why am i charged zone 2 daily data rate when I used wifi?

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

When I went to France I only used wifi while I was over there? Wifi should be free should it not? 



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Senior MVP

Hello Mksferrazza,


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  In addition to what was mentioned above, did you send or receive any MMS? The data within sent and/or received MMS while roaming is considered roaming data and does not get sent via Wifi. Even if a device is connected to Wifi, sending/receiving a MMS will be sent via mobile networks.


  To clarify, sending a MMS while roaming will incur the 50¢ fee plus roaming data charge (unless included with your Fido Roam or Travel Pack).


  Receiving the text portion of a MMS does not incur any fees. However, receiving the data portion of a MMS will incur a roaming data charge (unless included with your Fido Roam or Travel Pack). If you wish to not incur any roaming data fees, your best option is to disable data and roaming data. You will still receive the text portion of the MMS (free) asking to download the image. You should be aware that if you enable roaming data -- even while connected to Wifi -- your phone will automatically proceed with the download. You might consider disabling the Auto Retrieve setting in MMS. Your phone will then always ask to download the data portion.



@mksferrazza wrote:

...Wifi should be free should it not?..


  Access to Wifi is not necessarily free. It depends on the local access point to which your device is connected. For example, some hotels charge for using their Wifi networks. That said, those charges do not have anything to do with your Fido account**


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Fido Employee
Fido Employee

Hey @mksferrazza,


If you were charged for data while roaming that means that your phone connected to a data network while abroad. This means that your phone was used without Wifi. It's possible that your Wifi connection was interrupted and your phone used it's data connection in lieu of the Wifi.


In the future for travelling you can always turn airplane mode on, and then you can turn Wifi on (This will keep the cellular connections disabled) or simply take the SIM card out of the phone.

Hey @mksferrazza,


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If you have WiFi available at your destination, you shouldn't be charged for it. As @Frozen_ mentioned, you're only charged for data if your phone connected to data on the actual roaming network.


This can happen if your Data Roaming was still "on" and you were outside of the WiFi area. In order to make sure to avoid any charges, it's very important to keep the Data Roaming "off" at all times.


If the setting is deactivated, you can keep your phone on and no additional charges will apply for data. Of course, if you place/receive calls or send any text messages, regular charges are still applicable. 


Hope this helps Smiley