Where can I view my bill details?

Where can I view my bill details?

Where can I view my bill details?

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Where can I view my bill details?

Every month there are more and more problems with Fido. These changes you are making are happening every month and make it so hard to just view my bill. I either have to try and make a new password, contact repair techs and be on the phone for hours but still have to wait for days and recently weeks for the issue to be resolved. All I want to be able to do is sign on and view my bill for our 2 phones. Isigned on today and can see what is owed but can not figure out how to view our bill. Getting fed up with this hassle every month and we are seriously thinking about paying off our remaining year and switching to another carrier.   Vivian and Doug.




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I agree.


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Hey DougViv! 


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We'd definitely hate to lose you over this. Did you setup your online account to have account holder access level? 

Also, are you logging into your online account using your email address? 


Last but not least, have you tried it in a different browser or clearing your cache/history?


Let me know Smiley 

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I have the same problem.


I have tried on different computers: PC & Mac. and also tried on different browsers: chrome, firefox, edge, IE, safari. Cleaned chache.  NO, DOESN'T WORK!


I called fido support, chat online, went to a local store. NO one can help me.


What's wrong fido?

Hey chrislibin! 


Looks like we reached out to you about this Smiley It's most likely because you're still using your Fido number to log in rather than your email address.