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What is $35 restoral fee?

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I'm a Participant Level 1

What is $35 restoral fee?


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I'm a Participant Level 1

Basically, when it became illegal for these bloodsuckers to charge a "suspension" fee, they just slapped a new label on the suspension fee, and nowhere in the legislation condemning suspension fees was there mention of a restoral fee, so they can continue to gouge your wallets the same way they always have done

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I'm a Participant Level 2


And now they've added a new twist. Before suspending the account, they suspend data services. When you pay (before account is suspended), they reactivate the data and STILL charge a $35 fee, this time for "data restoral".


And people say Canada DOESN'T need competition? BS.

Hey @User111xx 


We have indeed introduced a new measure that comes before the complete suspension of an account when the balance is past-due, and that's to suspend the data only.


The restoral fee does apply still.

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I'm a Participant Level 2

When there is a late payment fee, why is a data restore fee being charged? If you want to rip of the customer why not simply call it a customer rip off fee?

Hey @Sanjais


The late payment fee and the service restore fee are two different things applied to two different situations.


Late Payment Fees only apply to an amount due on the account, it doesn't necessarily affect services.


If no payment is made on the account or regarding the amount due, then the services can be impacted at a certain point and the first step is stopping data services.


That's when the Service Restore Fee will apply. It is a result of collection efforts due to non-payment.


Note that there can be late payment fees without going up to the service restore fee and that this won't happen if late payments don't cumulate 


Hope this clarifies a bit more


I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

This charge is totally horrible and and makes no sense whatsoever, whoever was responsible should be fired. I need it removed without negotiation or cancel the **bleep** service

Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey @Zach3 ,


Welcome to the Community!


The charge makes up for the costs related to restoral of the account and maintenance of wireless numbers during an account suspension.


This fee is listed right here on our website as we do our best to remain as transparent as possible with our customers. 


 I'll be happy to clarify those terms further, you can expect a PM from us very soon!


A restoral fee is charged when your service is restored after being suspended or terminated for non-payment.


You can also get more info here.