Weird Email Request for Fido Survey (Retail)?

Weird Email Request for Fido Survey (Retail)?

Weird Email Request for Fido Survey (Retail)?

I'm a Participant Level 3

Weird Email Request for Fido Survey (Retail)?

I just got a survey inquiring about my experience with Fido a week ago. While I did my shopping online and then via customer service, I never did go into a retail store. Yet the email says that I had a recent interaction with Fido when I upgraded my wireless device at a retail store.


Nevertheless, as I had a very positive experience over the phone with Ian who helped sort out my online order so I wanted to express my appreciation in the survey. I didn't get very far in the survey though. The first questions inquired about my age, then the next about whether I was the one whow visited a RETAIL location. When I replied NO to this, that was the end of the survey.


Makes me think "Hmm, there must be some wires crossed between what constitutes a online, over the phone, and retail experience."


Just wondering if anyone else encountered this or went YES to visiting a retail location in order to complete the survey to qualify for the $100 draw?


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Hey @Twitty !


Thanks for all that info, I'll definitely report it on my side.


Would it be possible to give us the email address that sent you that survey? 


Just to confirm on our side Smiley



I'm a Participant Level 3

Sure, the email came from "" signed Fadel Chbihna, Senior VP, Customer Care.

Thanks, Twitty! We'll make sure the right people hear what happened. 


Now, we can also share your feedback about your experience with Ian so that he gets the recognition he should! 


We'll send you a PM shortly to get that going.