Voicemail too cumbersome

Voicemail too cumbersome

Voicemail too cumbersome

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Voicemail too cumbersome

Why is it that when you call into your voicemail you have to punch in your PIN and then press 1 to listen to messages? This is so time consuming and frustrating.  I have an ATT phone in the US also and its as simple as pressing the voicemail button and you are listening to the messages...you are obviously calling from your phone to listen to the messages...this needs to change in my opinion...thoughts?




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rogers voicemail has the option to bypass the passcode, but that means anyone who has possession of your phones can listen and erase your messages too. id gladly like to keep the costs of fido down and not have this feature, besides, you can put a pause and your vm password in the voicemail speed dial key yourself and the problem is solved. however no ones gonna tell you about this it is things that people learn on their own from being well knowledged in the cellular industry
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how do we do this speed dial customization on the LG g4 phone,

I am new to fido and I want to skip the pin prompt everytime!


I just changed my pin and now it is prompting me everytime to enter it. I don't want to call fod customer care to find an option to disable the pin entry but I cannot find.

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What happens when you hold 1 on your phone, do you still get a prompt for the PIN? Did you set up the retrieval number. You can find more information in how to set that up here.

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Hi and thanks for your reply.

This issue is not resolved even after calling customer care at like 8:20pm eastern today and I reached Josh at the call center like 5 to 9pm I know when they close. I asked him to look into my first fido bill and how to remove the pin and press pound key.. He said he can do it in his side and I would just have to change my pin. So I gave him over the phone a new pin and then he told me he made the change and I would need to power off my fido phone (lg g4) and power it back up. I don't know if it was a ploy to get me off the call because I rebooted the phone. .. Tried to hold down the 1 key. It prompts for my pin still and the new pin he apparently made for me does not work too. Only my old one and pressing pound got me in. Grrrrrr and I can't call back to complain until tomorrow.

I didn't set up the message retrieval system are you talking about a number to call on a different phone to check my voicemail? I just want on my main fido phone an easy way like I had bell and wind about both. Worked by just holding down the 1 key and your messages would begin playing. Hopefully I'm not the only one that has this problem. I know when I first signed up and set up my greeting it never asked for a pin until I changed it on the ivr, on the prompts. Now there seems to be no way it seems to do anything on my side except keep changing the pin. Thanks for any help Smiley

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Let's verify together what was done with the customer service.

We would be happy to help you here.


I'm sending you a PM now to get this looked into.


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