Voicemail not working

Voicemail not working

Voicemail not working

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Voicemail not working


I am using Fido from almost two years, and from last 6 months. My voicemail is not working. I have checked the normal configurations for phone, and it is fine, but still no one is able to record his voicemail in my phone, It automatically just get disconnected. 
I called customer care, and they told me the same process which is written online. 

The scenario is, I am missing some important messages from Friends, and Fido is not resloving this issue .

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Hey rahulranjan1992!


I'm sure that we can get that figured out together! 


Had you made any account changes, such as a change of plan, 6 months ago, when this started happening? 


Besides callers being unable to leave you voice messages, are you otherwise able to reach your voicemail when you call it?


Let us know!

Hey @rahulranjan1992!


Still experiencing difficulty with your voicemail?


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