Voicemail not active for Fido Pulse 5GB - BYOP

Voicemail not active for Fido Pulse 5GB - BYOP

Voicemail not active for Fido Pulse 5GB - BYOP

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Voicemail not active for Fido Pulse 5GB - BYOP

Hi all,

I switched over to Fido from Rogers a few weeks ago to take advantage of the 10GB deal. Just realizing now that I don't have my voicemail set up. Under the plan I do have voicemail included (at least thats what it says under my services) but when I dial 1 to set up my voicemail I get the "number is not valid" response. Any way to get someone to activate this? I'm currently on hold and the wait time is approx. 1.5hrs and no answer on live chat. Wondering if a mod can set this up for me, if not I can't wait on hold. I know it's probably busy with the boxing day deals.

Thank you!

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The voicemail may say it's activated on your plan but there could have been a system error. An easy fix for this is to have a representative remove the voicemail and add it back on.

There are many ways to get ahold of a Fido representative, ofcourse you could call into one of our centres but some other convinient ways would be to contact us threw live chat or even on facebook. These ways may take a little longer to get ahold of a representative but since the waiting periods for most calls is 60 minutes or more at the moment the live chat or facebook messanger could be more convinient for you.


Hope this helps and you get your voicemail issue resolved Smiley

Happy Holidays!

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Hey @Felix01


Sounds to me like you just need to program the Fido voicemail number into your phone. Your phone is likely still calling the Rogers voicemail number. 


The number you want to dial to get your voicemail messages is +1 416 821-6549 


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