Voicemail Notification Missing

Voicemail Notification Missing

Voicemail Notification Missing

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Voicemail Notification Missing



I used to received voicemail notification (from number 18, saying I have received 1 voice msg) when someone leave me a message. Recently I stop receving these notification until people told me they left me messages. I have missed important messages and would need to check into VM time to time to make sure I catch up all the missing messages.  have done some troubleshooting (see below), but still no luck:


1) Clean up all the messages saved on the Sim card (all the msg from number 18)

2) Restarted my cell phone couple times


Phone: Samsung Galaxy S3

VM: mini VM, no data required.


I haven't tried reset my phone, this would be my last reserve....  Just wondering if anyone have similar situation and how can you fix it?





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Hey paulfrank, Welcome to the Community!

I'll go ahead and send you a PM so we can check this out together Smiley

Talk to you soon!

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Mines been broken since last sunday. Ticket 103642449. Any update on this?

Hey Annex.


I'm sending you a PM to take a look at the ticket with you Smiley