VoiceID problem

VoiceID problem

VoiceID problem

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VoiceID problem

When I called into Fido today, I was surprised to learn that I had previously been opted into Voice ID for authentication.


This was especially surprising considering that no previous agents had even mentioned the existence of Voice ID to me, let alone asked me if I wanted to be opted in or out.


The fact that you use this method for authentication without properly informing your customers that


A ) You are even analyzing their voice to create a profile in the first place ("Your call may be recorded" does not cut it as far as I'm concerned. Analyzing my voice to save a unique profile and just "recording" me are two completely different things)


B ) Agents have the ability to opt us in without even informing us or asking for our consent


C ) Even IF I opt out, you still save a profile for my voice, you simply don't use it


This is all highly disturbing. I am now deeply concerned about my privacy when calling into Fido.


I would like to know how to have this Voice ID Profile deleted *completely* and I would like to be permanently opted out of this method of authentication. I would also like to know exactly when I was opted into this service in the first place, so that the agent who did so without my consent can be properly trained and this does not happen again.


I do not think these are unreasonable concerns or requests.

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As someone who adovaces personal privacy, I understand your concerns. As someone who adovaces personal security, I am very surprised this "voice ID" wasn't implemented any sooner.


Your point regarding Fido didn't notify you that your voice is being used for voice ID is true; however, I don't think there is any concern as you are not the person trying to hack into your own account.  It is more concerning for the person who is trying to represent you to make unauthorized changes to your account.  In other words, there is no harm and no concern for the owner.


I also do not see that there is any significant risk in leaving your "voice profile" on Fido servers even after your opt out in using this authentication service. First of all, the profile is probably encrypted on the server.  Second of all, the Fido staff will require your permission in order to access the voice profile and use for authentication.  Third, the authentication process is probably handled by the computer thus there is little to no human input or interaction.  


Chances is that you opt in Voice ID when you sign up for service or when you upgrade your phone (or plan) recently.  When I upgrade my phone 2 years ago, the Fido rep at the store was unable to access my account because I don't have the PIN set up. I have to call Fido service to set up the pin so the Fido rep can access my account.


Overall, I welcome all these new security additions Fido is adding to keep our account secure.

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In a perfect world, Fido staff would require permission to save and access the voice profile. But that’s not what happened, is it?


This is concerning for a number of reasons. If someone had acquired my PIN or postal code through social engineering and then called in, the agent would have then set up VoiceID for the imposter without either them or me knowing, resulting in me being locked out of my account due to a security feature I wasn’t even aware existed and never agreed to.


This is an matter of consent. I could not care less about the security implications. I do not want a company collecting biometric data about me without asking first.


I don’t even want to think about how many times his has likely happened to other people, if opting them in is this easy.


The data may be encrypted, but frankly I don’t trust that it’s secure. If the Equifax hack has taught us anything it’s that these companies aren’t nearly as careful with our data as we’d like them to be.


Do you really want to be wary of something as mundane as making a phone call without worrying about algorithms constantly scanning your voice to uniquely identify you? I don’t want *anyone* collecting that kind of data, especially a large corporation that is supposed to be built on a trusting relationship with their customers.

With all the potential scams out there nowadays, you are right to be mindful of how your personal information is being handled. It seems that every day there is a new story out in the news about security breaches or hacks and that is enough to make anyone nervous!


I assure you that we take the security of your personal information very seriously and I can confirm that your voiceprint, should you choose to set one up, is safe, as it truly is encrypted and only works with our system. You genuinely have no need to worry about that.

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Thanks for your response, Amanda. I know I probably sound a little paranoid but like you said, these days you can’t be too careful.

I don’t mean to disparage Fido specifically, and I’m sure your heart’s in the right place. You’ve made my concerns feel addressed, and I appreciate your help.

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Thanks! But no thanks Fido the pin and questions are sufficient and finally more secure!


Aside from fact of public trading entity Rogers may dwell in other internal ways of use for possible service expension. That is aside Rogers already being a google partner. 

Cryption Techniques are out & pass on.


Encryption is meaningless -> .. 23 technical surveillance standards that must be followed as a condition of obtaining a wireless sp...


You can feedback on voice ID faq Here

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Hey baconmob!


Welcome to the Community!


This is definitely not how we want any of our customers to feel. Rest assured that this feature was created with your security in mind. It helps to make your account and your personal information more secure than ever and reduces the risk of fraud compared to other authentication methods such as PINs, passwords and security questions. 


That said, you can opt-out of having a voiceprint with a customer service rep at any time and we also offer the option to delete your voiceprint, if that is what you prefer. If you then decide to participate again in the future, just ask any agent to re-enroll you.


We'll send you a PM so we can look at this together.

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Hi @baconmob .thanks for feedback on the community


I completely disagree with this practice too.


Never heard thanks fir letting us know 

I use to  have a PIN code. I m concern and opt out!


Here is what I found so far 

Voice ID FAQ


Thanks and please keep us updated.