VoLTE on iPhone6s

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VoLTE on iPhone6s

VoLTE on iPhone6s

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VoLTE on iPhone6s

Hi There,


I recently bought myself a new iPhone 6s from the Apple store and I realized that I have the option to use VoLTE. After a small google search I found out that VoLTE improves the quality of your calls, something that sounds great. Neverthelss, I have a question regarding the billing of that service, since it wasn't clear to me from Fido's website. I am currently on a Fido Pulse plan (Unlimited talk and text and 3 Gb of data) and I was wondering whether the activation of LTE for both voice and data from my phone's settings (see attached image) will result in any extra charges. 






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To be honest. 4g for talking seems better on my s6 than volte.... While using VoLTE voices are not as crisp and seem lower than talking while on 4g. Don't know if it's my phone or not. Could be related to slow mms or errors that I'll get sometimes with a full lte signal.
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Hey @Sozerv!


VoLTE and LTE are two diffrent things Smiley 


Visit this topic that has a lot of information about VoLTE.

Let me know if you have any other question Smiley