Victim of fraud

Victim of fraud

Victim of fraud

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Victim of fraud

This morning, a gentleman from Fido called said that Pixel 3 is currently out of stock, I'll need to wait for a while to get the phone.


Well, I'm glad he called because I never ordered anything from Fido. He said he will file my case and report to the fraud department.


Then I log in to my Fido account, found that my Contact Information has been changed, the email address is not mine, the contact phone number is not mine........ My plan has been changed to XXL.


I'm very careful about information security, I'm an IT engineer and a certified network security expert. I never give my account information to anyone, and I use different passwords for different websites and services.


The worst part is that I didn't get any notification of any change of my account and order. I searched google, found that many Fido customers had the same terrible experience. If any change or order require SMS verification, this trouble could be avoided. Hope Fido could do more to protect their customers.


Hopefully, it won't take too long to get this issue sorted out.


Hey @bellchu


I can understand how upsetting this entire situation can be. Rest assured that our customers' security and privacy is one of our main priorities! 


Any change done on an account is notified by email. In your case, since the email was changed, that's where we were sending the confirmation. 


I'll be sending you a PM so we can look into this together. 


Talk to you soon! 



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Hi Claudia, 


Thank you for your reply. Since email can be easily changed by the hackers, SMS notification and confirmation should be the most secure way to verify the ownership of the account. 


Luckily the device hasn't been shipped to the hacker(s), and I haven't been charged for any fees yet. I hope Fido could reverse my account status within this billing cycle. 


BTW, I haven't got your PM yet, I just realized that my community profile is also associated with the hacker's email, I hope you didn't send the PM to the hacker... 





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Hi Bei, wow that would be unnerving to say the least. I hope you changed your community information in time before the hacker got any more details about you. Let us know how that goes for you and I for one think sms verification to registered phone number is a good idea.

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Hey Lucy, Fido just called this morning, they've canceled the order and will restore my account soon. I'm surprised by their quick response. 


I did receive some notification SMS on my cell phone, but it's not detailed, it only said "change has been made to my account", followed with a Voice Mail password reset SMS. I thought Fido was upgrading their voice mail system, so I didn't pay attention.  If the SMS could include the detail of any account change, like "Your plan has been upgraded to XXL, you will be charged 90 dollars/month" or "You've purchased 1 Google Pixel 3 XL", I would call Fido immediately.  Luckily Google Pixel is so popular and it's out of stock, Fido called to let me know the delay of the shipment. if not, I wouldn't know until the next bill.