Very bad experience with device protection(BrightStar).

Very bad experience with device protection(BrightStar).

Very bad experience with device protection(BrightStar).

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Very bad experience with device protection(BrightStar).

Ok, I dropped my phone( cracked the screen) on 12th July and filed an online service request next day 13th.


I have downloaded the affidavit form filled and signed then you have to submit an ID of along with the form. Here is the catch, you can upload only ONE document so affidavit or ID. I don't have a scanner at home to scan multiple pages.

I have uploaded the affidavit and saved the page( did not get any confirmation email). After a day checked the service status was logged REJECTED( Againg no email notification). Called in and the agent said that I had to provide an ID. Emailed my DL and checked again after one day still in REJECTED state. Called in and the agent said that it would take two days to process the documents. Today is 19th July and for the passed complete two day, the order status in COMPELETED fulfillment is in Process( No email or confirmation yet).


Bottom line, I am very frustrated. My phone is broken for around a week, tomorrow is Friday, so I will not see a replacement before Monday or Tueseday.

DO NOT sign up for device protection.

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Hey @Khashayar73


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I'm very sorry to hear about your device, having to wait an extra few days is definitely less than ideal. 


You should definitely be able to attach more than one file, could there have been a glitch on your end? As for not receiving the confirmation, did you double check with Brightstar to make sure they have the right email on file?


Hopefully you get your device in the next few days! 


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Thanks for the message.


I called the customer services and they said email will be sent only when the process is complete and not for rejection. I was with Rogers and used assurian and know how long it should take to get a replacement and it is not as you said few extra days. It is going to be around 10 days or more. Please see attached my profile page. Only one item will be uploaded and the second will replace the existing. The email is very correct.

Thanks for clarifying @Khashayar73,


You can indeed upload only one file, though all related paperwork should be consolidated into one document.


I understand that having to wait a few extra days for your claim is not ideal. That being said, once completed/approved all should go smoothly.


I would advise you to reach out to Brightstar to follow up on your service request with the provided ID. They should be able to provide an ETA and details on the remaining steps to be completed.


Let us know if you have any questions.

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Hi there and thank you for the following up.


As I mentioned before, not many people have a scanner at home so the website should be able to upload multiple documents ( it is 2018 not 1980). Furthermore, tomorrow will be day 4 since I have sent all required documents ( see attached the service request status just  captured).

I don't think you want to be in my shoes not having a phone for a week or maybe 10 days and having/paying for an insurance.


I have 4 lines with Fido and a very unsatisfied customer. I wish you never switched from asurian to Brightstar and I can't wait to switch to another carrier whom providing a better service.



I am conveying this message to the Fido and Brightstar.

We'll make sure to share your feedback. We're always working on new ways to make your experience as smooth as possible. 


I'll be happy to send you a PM here so we can check if there's a way we can find more info for you. 


Chat soon!