Very Disappointed Dec 18th 2017

Very Disappointed Dec 18th 2017

Very Disappointed Dec 18th 2017

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Very Disappointed Dec 18th 2017

To whom it may concern,

I’m a little disappointed to say the least. Fido has been around since about 1996, revenue of $1.02 Billion, Net income of $800 Million, $3.4 Billion of assets, 20,000 employees (all approximates as I had much time to research while waiting on hold).

I have been with Fido for almost NINE years since 2009! I was also with them before that, ended up switching company’s and came back. For over 12 years of customer loyalty.

In the past two days I’ve non stop tried to get ahold of Fido via phone, customer support via online chat, social media and community forums all with no luck. I work twelve hour rotating continental shifts, squeezing in contacting Fido before work, during break and after work all with no luck. Finally today, Monday December 18th 2017 after work in the Christmas shopping pandemonium I went to the local mall to Fido directly.

After waiting in line for two hours, after my twelve hour shift, being up since 3:30am finally it was my turn at 8:00pm. The Fido store representative explained my options for the promotion and said your current plan is $135/month now but have been paying an average of $160-$200 or more a month for years that’s right YEARS! This is a great opportunity to take advantage of $85/month for 10GB no re-signing of the contract, possible phone discounts/promotions as I wanted to find out about iPhone X etc. Either way I was very happy that I could save approximately $100 a month and I currently have a 128GB IPhone 7 Limited Product Red Edition.

He showed me on the computer, everything looked great. Then the computer crashed in store, his best guess was overload from the great demand of the promotion. He said your best bet was to call customer service. I was floored and explained to him for days I’ve been trying, this is the farthest I’ve got in person but they could not help.

I then called over eighty times with “customer unavailable” and busy signal.
I managed to get threw twice both times being disconnected/dropped while on hold. The BIGGEST kicker of all, the issue that stings the most. Was the lack of heads up, I’ll explain.

Being a “valued” customer, I receive multiple emails a month. Apply for a Fido MasterCard, play Fido flip game, your Fido bill is ready, please take this short survey or review (which I do participate in). But WHY did I not receive this promotion for $60 and $85 per month 10 GB plan options. I had to find out threw work everyone scrambling calling there Bell, Fido and Rogers providers getting the plans before expiring and while most of these providers have given a longer then normal wait time which is expected, all of my friends have switched over to the promotion with no issues.

I am greatly disappointed in the lack of customer service and the lack of ability to withstand the capacity of people calling and trying to get threw. I understand it’s Christmas, plus the promotion being offered makes it even more difficult. But days of no response, call back, messages or emails is unacceptable when my cell phone bill is the price of financing a brand new Honda Civic per month.

I would like someone to respond to this email or put me in contact with a supervisor in the loyalty department. For years I’ve paid my phone bill early or on time, never missed a payment, new IPhones come out I’ll break the contract and gladly pay the penalty to get the newest phones. But this has been ridiculous! $1,800-$2,400 range a year is what I’ve been paying for YEARS! This is not a $40/month $480/year phone bill I’m complaining about. If Fido cannot come to a resolution and do something for this inconvenience, I defiantly will pay even $1000 to break the contract, pay my device off and switch to another provider.
I am beyond disappointed.

Thanks, John Tedesco
Hamilton, Ontario

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I absolutely agree with you. I have ordered an iphone x since november 12th. it is over 6 weeks. I received no weekly status emails since 2 weeks ago. Fido has not responded to my private message on twitter nor can i get in touch with them on facebook. I have tried 611 and its an extended wait and I dont have time to sit and wait. I can get the new iphone right now if i go into an apple store or by 3 -5 business days guaranteed with bell, or telus. I know a few people who got their iphone x's already from rogers, fido's parent company and they even ordered it after mine!


I have been with fido for years! and They have been pressuring me to switch.

Right now, I want someone to contact me about what is going on with my blasted phone that i ordered over a month ago!

Hi there @Dimitriantonion


We're sorry for the long wait. This phone model is in very high demand. But rest assured, we're doing everything we can to get the phones out as quickly as possible. 


As for your weekly status email, have you checked your junk mail folder? It might have been redirected to that folder. 


Keep us posted Smiley 

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Just an update, not only can I still not get threw on the third day after trying multiple times at work. This one is the best!! 


My little sister is with virgin mobile and got the plan after calling once today. VIGIN MOBILE... who even is that? Some little small carrier. Two of my work colleagues are with bell and got it and multiple friends last night and today snatched it up with Rogers. 


I called again multiple times, with no luck. One time I even got threw forr the automation to say we are not taking calls at the moment and hung up. 


This is absolutely unacceptable, if Rogers, Bell and Virgin can do it what is Fido’s excuse? What makes Fido so sprecial and exclusive that you can’t process the requests? 


Im going to try and go in store a second time after work today and I’m not leaving until they put notes on my account to hold the deal at minimum. 


Next option is to get the local newspaper and news station involved. This is a “ghost” promotion that Fido cannot fulfil! This is how your making your customers feel. I feel cheated, I pay good money every month (some say way to much). 


Another kicker just for principle I called Rogers and bell customer service and got threw to them both while on my break at work. Both customer service representatives laughed and said they’ve been getting countless calls from Fido customers switching carriers. 


I however am going to give one last shot in person so I don’t have to be inconvenienced with paying off my device and breaking my plan. 



Hamilton Ontario 

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Yes, absolutely agree with you.... It's unacceptable.  My husband and I went through the same ordeal.  It seems as though we are just numbers to FIDO, our loyalty means nothing to them... Sad

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I too also want to talk to a representative and have been a customer for over 10 years. I called yesterday and was on  hold for 1 hr, and tried to try my luck again by calling 2 min before 9am, because i tried calling earlier and got disconnected saying phone lines only opened at 9am. I am still on hold despite being probably one of the first to call. This is unacceptable - I just want to talk to someone. 

Hey @tikaytili ,


Sorry to hear about  your experience. At the moment we're experiencing higher volumes of requests through all our channels.


You can reach out to us through many different channels, click here  for more info, please note that much longer delays are to be expected but we're doing our best to get back to everyone. 

Hi @Streetrossi!


I replied to your PM. Let me know if you need anything else. Smiley