Very Disappointed Customer

Very Disappointed Customer

Very Disappointed Customer

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Very Disappointed Customer

I've been with fido for over 11 years. Currently hold 5 fido lines. ( 4 cellphones + 1 home phone which I recently obtained), and up until today was planning to swich my business bell line to fido (after my contract with them expires).

So long story short, My husband and I signed a contract with fido for 2 years ( $45/month unlimited +$30/6GB Data). Original contract was $75. However, I negotiated $10 credit each line for 2 years (duration of the contract).

This month is exactly a year since I signed the contracts, and surprise surprise, Over $20 more on the bill.

Upon contacting fido customer service I learned that there is no more customer rentention centre, and no more credits given out. In my situation, I had a verbal agreement for a set price for 2 years, but the credit applied only for 1 year, and for the second year they make me pay in full, regardless of the verbal contract agreement.

Fido rather lose $500/month worth of business, than to give me the $10 off per line for the remaining duration of my contract (thats after speaking to their cancellation department) + they make me pay $600+tax for each line (since ive signed a contract for 4 cellphones a year ago). As of today, im starting to look for a different company, and unless fido gets it together, they will lose all the loyal customers that they once had.

As much as I dont want to leave fido, it is a matter of principle. If they cant appreciate customers that give them business for so many years, than I will find another company that will..







Hey Verinica123 and welcome to the Community.


It's really sad to see that you might decide to leave us.


I would need to see your account in order to confirm what was offered to you. At the same time, I would be happy to look at your options Smiley


I'm sending you a PM to get this looked into Smiley