Value Pack Price Increase

Value Pack Price Increase

Value Pack Price Increase

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Value Pack Price Increase

I've had the $5 Value Pack for years. Suddenly the mass adoption of a reasonably priced plan conveniently forces the increase in price for ancillary products? That does not carry good optics imo. Will all VP's be increased in price or just newly added ones?

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Re: Value Pack Price Increase

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Hi @pnbrown!


The increase will also be affecting customers who already have the $5 value pack. All affected customers will receive a notice on their bill between December 17th and January 16th.


Hope this helps!

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Seems like a few or a lot of people are upset due to the $2 increase in the valiue packs. I have tried calling to have it changed back to $5 pricing, the service agent rep kept on saying "that's how it is and so on". It would not have mattered who I taked to whether a cal,l centre supervisor or any Fido mall booth/kiosk associate. I had teh value pack when it was $4 and ever since I have been paying my bills on time. Never had any any late payments or problems. I was with Fido since 2007. I was on conttact back then and I finished it successfully and been paying same low rate plan. I thought it was loyal servic for Fido long time/term customers to keep low rate along there ano outstanding fees and behind payments. Is there any way to dispute the $2 increase? I love to hear other Fido long time/term customers opinions if it can be reverse?


Thanks very much

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Hey @trevorc,


Apologies for not getting back to you sooner; we've been quite busy this past week.


We regularly review the fees for our wireless services. This increase helps us balance the increased costs associated with offering the service. Pricing for our Value packs is competitive. These add-ons continue to offer great value – offering significantly lower prices than standard rates.


Let me know if you have any questions.

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So that's a yes existing customer's VP's will increase?



The increase applies to new added value packs. As of this time, if you have it for $5, it's not increasing. You may need to swap to the new version if you change your plan though. 



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To reply to your post, it has been affected to me and when I talked to a Fido agent *611, he could not do much to reverse charges. I'm a bit a uspet for Fido not looking after to their loyal long term customer. I have been been with Fido since 2007, because they always have the lowest prices and great service. I'm sure I'm not the only not happy with the $2 increase.


Please let me know how to go about it or if it's a dead end issue.



Hey @___Vince101


The increase of the value pack is not something that can be disputed.


We do appreciate that you have been a customer with us for a while.


This however affects all of our customers.





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I agree with everyone complaining about the increase. Fido reps say nothing can be done. They are wrong. If you don't have a contract you can tell them goodbye and find another provider. Fido says its' to provide better survice, yah sure!!! I have been paying for 3GB Data every month and I use on average 45MB per month. The only reason I keep paying is to use my iPhone as a modem if there's a problem with my internet provider or when traveling. Have they ever contacted me to say, "you never use that much bandwith so we are lowering your bill." They react only when a lot people tell Fido, Thank you for you service but, I'm going to an other provider. Take care of your customers and they they will take care of you. There are many companies that have lost millions playing FIDO's game. Without your customers, FIDO, you are nothing. I'm starting to look elsewhere.



Hey @TimoTrinity and @Jatt4u


We definitely wouldn't want to see you go Sad If your plans include more data than what you need, we'd be more than happy to take a peek at your account and see if we have something that would suit your needs at a better rate. 


If you'd like us to look into this with you let me know, I'll be happy to send you a PM here Smiley 


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i am with you. i am using only 2 gb data and i have a plan for 10 gb. i am happy with 3 or 5 gb at lower cost but they are both expensive then 10 gb plan 

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I am an existing Fido customer and just received my latest bill (billing period ending Dec 21). I am currently on the $5 Value Pack. Included with the bill was the following notice:


This message is to inform you about the upcoming increase to your Value Pack Add-on
monthly service fee. Effective the date of your first bill on or after January 17, 2018, the
monthly service fee for your Value Pack Add-on will increase by $2.00 plus applicable taxes
(please see the Wireless Services section of this bill for your current monthly service fee).
This change is made in accordance with the CRTC Wireless Code. All other aspects of
your Fido service will remain the same. If you wish to respond to this notice or have any
questions, concerns, or wish to modify, cancel or enhance your wireless services, please
get in touch with us using any of the ways listed in the Contact Us section of this bill.
Thank you for your continued loyalty as a valued Fido customer. We are committed to
continuing to deliver the best wireless experience for you every day."


However, according to your post earlier in this thread, those currently on the $5 Value Pack will be able to keep this price. Is this actually not the case and existing customers Value Packs will be going up to $7?

Hi @pnbrown!


The increase will also be affecting customers who already have the $5 value pack. All affected customers will receive a notice on their bill between December 17th and January 16th.


Hope this helps!