VVMP MMS Edition Bug

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VVMP MMS Edition Bug

Hello Everyone,


I subscribe to the Visual Voicemail Plus feature, the MMS version. I recently had it enabled and am experiencing a qwirky but very annoying bug. I called Fido but the CSR's that I spoke to were unable to help me. Here is what happens. Lets say I get a voicemail message from phone number 416-555-1234 and they leave a message saying "Test 1234". Within about a minute I will receive the following MMS message:


"<Subject: New Wireless voicemail message>

(a "play" icon that will play the message)

From : 4165551234, Sep 17, 2012, 07:55:58, 6 sec.


"Test 1 2 3 4."


To listen to your Wireless voicemail message click on the attachment."


This is the whole message. Works perfectly, exactly how I would expect. I can read the text transcription of the message or touch the "play" icon within the MMS message to hear it. Now, exactly two hours later (right down to the exact minute) I will receive a second message but this will be an SMS and not a MMS message. It will contain:



Mon, 17 Sep 2012, 19:55:58


"Test 1 2 3 4."


Please call into your voicemail mailbox to listen to your message."


This second SMS message, that always arrives exactly two hours later, will always contain the same information as the first message. Why am I getting it? How do i stop it? It is quite annoying when you get a lot of voicemails like I do because it can be confusing and clutters my text messaging. I have tried using my standard phone (a factory unlocked Galaxy S2 GT-I9100) and using my Fido branded phone (I dont know the exact model but it is a very basic Motarolla dumbphone I picked up for about $50 as a backup phone). Since the same problem occurs on both a Fido and non-Fido phone I am reasonably sure it is not related to my phone(s). Any help would be appreciated. Thank you,



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I'm a Contributor Level 1
I'm a Contributor Level 1

Re: VVMP MMS Edition Bug

Hey n8nu,


This problem was resolved for most of us, but did take several (six) months. I suggest you read through the posts in this thread (if you haven't already) as I detailed my journey quite extensively in the thread. The short of it is that a "reset" on the VVM didn't help, nor is it a SIM issue or a phone problem. 


I don't know what they did to fix the problem in the end, but I no longer receive the SMS message 2 hours later, or ever. I just get an MMS with both a transcript and audio file of my voicemail.


But have a read through the thread.


Good luck.

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