Using a new plan?

Using a new plan?

Using a new plan?

Community Manager

Using a new plan?

Hey Community,


Just changed your plan and still a bit uncertain about a few things?


Here’s some helpful info to read over:


  • If you are changing your plan in the middle of your billing cycle:
    • The monthly fees for both your old and new plan will be prorated on your next bill.
    • If you are changing from a Pulse plan to another Pulse plan, over the whole cycle you’ll get:
      • The larger of the 2 plans’ data amount
      • Unlimited local minutes
      • Prorated messaging (SMS/MMS) amounts for each plan
      • Prorated long distance amounts for each plan
    • If you’re changing to and from any other type of plan, all your usage amounts will be prorated.


  • If enrolling for the first time to Online Billing:
    • You’ll receive a text message and e-mail to remind you to visit and complete the registration.
    • You have to complete the registration within 30 days.


  • You can use the My Account app to track your voice and data usage.
    • It may take until your next billing cycle before you’re able to see your usage.


And that’s that. Still have questions? Search the Community for answers!