Upgrading to iPhone 6s

Upgrading to iPhone 6s

Upgrading to iPhone 6s

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Upgrading to iPhone 6s

My contract is over as of a few days ago and I'd like to upgrade to an iPhone 6s 16gb. I put in a reservation through Fido but I was wondering if older customers have some leeway with the Max plan requirement.


I'm currently on a Smart plan that I negotiated three years ago and it's not really advantageous anymore compared to the latest Fido offerings. I'd like to keep my plan as if with a minor change but still be able to qualify for the subsidized iPhone 6s price. Has anyone been in a similar situation and were able to secure that kind of outcome? Your advice would be appreciated!




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Hey emisg16,

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At the moment, the new iPhones 6s and 6s Plus are only available with a MAX plan.

I'll go ahead and send you a private message to go over your options Smiley

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The iPhone 6s is indeed available for users on a smart plan. You just have to pay $200 to make up for the subsidized cost. Fido rep explained this to me about two weeks ago when I called in and also when I dropped by a store. There are two prices listed in their database; one for the smart plan and the other for the max plan. Unless since then Fido removed the offering for smart plan users.


if you search older posts, others confirmed this also.