Upgrading Phones

Upgrading Phones

Upgrading Phones

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Upgrading Phones


I was hoping someone would help me out here. I've been using my phone past my 2-year contract that I've managed with my current phone, and I was hoping to upgrade to a new phone online, but I've been stuck for couple of weeks. Weeks, because I didn't find the strong need to change my phone at the present.

It seems that whenever I try to do things online, there always seems to be a message of it being unavailable and to call fido at the "add-on" page (step 2).

I've tried it on both Google Chrome and Internet Explorer, and it also was interesting that there were problems because 1. It would always make me select a voicemail feature, then 2. Error message would show up saying it's unavailable and have to call fido.

Would anyone happen to know why this happens?





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Hey @cloud218


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I'm sorry to see you're having trouble with doing your upgrade online. Did you get the chance to try deleting the cookies and clearing the cache of either browser?


If not, can you give this a try and let us if it works for you? 

I'm a Participant Level 3



Thanks for the reply!

Unfortunately, it did not work despite trying what you have recommended me to do.

Would there be any other reason as to why this may have occurred?


Thank you!

Hi @cloud218!


While we have no alerts of any issues with the website, it may very well be a little glitch. If you need help completing your upgrade, let me know and I'll send you a PM. Smiley