Updates for Galaxy S6/S6 Edge users

Updates for Galaxy S6/S6 Edge users

Updates for Galaxy S6/S6 Edge users

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Updates for Galaxy S6/S6 Edge users

Hey everyone,


Some of you have been experiencing connectivity issues with your Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge devices over the past couple of weeks and we’re happy to report that a fix is on the way. 


We’ve been working around the clock with Samsung to get the right fix in place and starting November 16th, we started rolling out in phases and it will be available to everyone by November 23. You will receive a notification (if you haven't already) to install the update, but feel free to check for it manually. Here's how: 


Settings - About Device - Software Updates and select Update Now.


Don't forget to reboot your phone and turn LTE back on after you've installed the update.


If you’re wondering, the root cause was related to the latest Samsung Android 5.1.1 update.


It took longer than we had hoped to get here and we appreciate the patience you've all demonstrated. Fixing the problem was a little bit more complex for us because of the VoLTE capability we offer on these devices.


Thanks again to everyone in the forums who have shared their feedback on this topic.