Unlocking phone

Unlocking phone

Unlocking phone

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Unlocking phone

I don't know how to unlock my iPhone 4s


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Can h unlock my phone right now?

Hey @RovelynF


Thanks for reaching out Smiley


You can definitely get your phone unlocked as of today at no cost. This can be done through all our customer service channels. 


We can also help, let us know and we'll send you a PM! 

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How can I unlock my phone?

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Hey @Zoli1


You can request to unlock your phone here.


If you prefer we can also send you a PM here. Let us know. Smiley



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  1. Can you unlock my phone 

Hey @Jess666


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I've moved your post here as I think you should find the info you need above. Don't hesitate if you have any other questions! 

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Starting December 1st, 2017, you may unlock your Fido device without cost. Is there any other requirement(s)...for example, the IMEI has to be on my profile for a minimum period, etc?

Hey @nick67,


As of December 1, 2017 we will be able to unldock Fido phones at no charge upon request, without any waiting period.  


I hope this information was helpful. Smiley 


Hey @Vitaliano_Cast


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We would be the ones unlocking your phone! You can contact us for that.


Note that an unlock costs $50 + tx and that the device has to be registered on your Fido account for at least 90 days and 


We can also send you a PM on here for this if you prefer