Unexplained data usage increase

Unexplained data usage increase

Unexplained data usage increase

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Unexplained data usage increase

I called in 25 July about data usage, issue


I have received messages that I went over my data by $50 at on July 25 2017 at  7:30 PM

I received that I went over 91% of my data at 7:18 PM, top up option at 7:19 PM and 100% data usage at 7:21 PM - There was no time to react to a top up option.


I had contacted the customer service representative right away on 25 July at around 7:30PM, however they were not able to provide any answers as my phone had not sent fido the data. He suggested this could have been due to a cell tower outage but I would need to call back to confirm.


I called again at 8:00AM on July 26 2017, the representative (Sayed) - Blamed the data usage on me, and said I was responsible for monitoring my own data, and he can reverse the fee for me at a one time charge. He said there was nothing he can do for me because I had not purchased a Fido phone, he did not have the intentions to help me, and he suggested that I go without data for the rest of my billing cycle, I have a whole month ahead of me as my billing cycle ends on the 22nd.


This didn't help me with my problem at all, I needed some data, so I called back at 9:30AM and got a different representative, she was very helpful and told me I had used 2GB of data within a 1 hour time frame from 11:49PM on July 25 to 12:49PM July 25. -- She also suggested there was no more data value plans I can add.


I have not done anything out of the ordinary with my phone this month, I ensured that WiFi assist was off, that there are no automatic updates, no streaming, no excessive browsing, nothing I did was out of the ordinary that couple explain the sudden spike in Data, additionally, looking at my previous data usage history, I have never burned my data off within just the first 5 days of my data cycle (my data cycle resets on the 22nd).


The phone was taken to the apple store, and it was noted that the rep did not pick up on anything that would be draining the data so much.



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That's not what we like to hear Sad I'm sad to hear your recent experience was like this, let's see what can be done!


I assure you that you're only billed for what you use and that those data usage SMS alerts are sent in real time. 


What does it say when you check your usage stats under your phone's network settings? You should see a breakdown of how much data was used by each app. While this does not reset automatically with each cycle on an iPhone, it will still give you a good idea of where your data is being used the most. Is there any app with an unusually high data use?