Unable to reach customer service

Unable to reach customer service

Unable to reach customer service

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Unable to reach customer service



It is really very frustrating as I have been trying to reach customer service since past two days. Must have called 611 more than 50 times and most of the times the call did not go through and at times I would have to listen to the recording  for a very long time and then all of a sudden the call would get disconnected, thus unable to reach you.


Also tried using the website which just would not work as was freezing and also went to the FIDO store in Fairview Mall but was informed that I have to call customer service through my phone as that is the only option when I have to change my plan. 


If you guys are not in a position to handle the rush what is the point in advertising in such a big way. Also I was told that i cannot get the $60 - 10GB plan if I am under a contract and if I wanted this new lan then first I will have to get my phone unlocked and then I will have to pay the balance on my tab as only then I will be considered that I fall under the BYOD program.


This is totally unethical as I am not moving from another service provider that i have to pay first as if I am going to run away.


To collect payment you guys would answer the phone without any delay but when it comes to giving to the community they you would not answer the phone and also lock your website


Atleaset have to decency to keep your phone lines open for people to be able to speak with a live person.


I am regretting that I switched back to fido. The biggest mistake ever. Once my contract is over I will never use Fido ever in my life as your customer service is the worst thatI have ever experienced.


I wish I could get the $60 - 10 GB data

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I'm having the same issues. Even though it has been 2 days since the promo was done, I still cannot reach a Fido rep by phone, chat and FB messenger. I tried at least 10 times a day. This is unacceptable! You are not honoring your current customers. I am traveling and NEED to get my phone unlocked before I travel (I bought my phone outright through Fido). Next good offer I get from another phone provider, I'm leaving.

I'm a Participant Level 2

Have been trying by phone all day to see if I am eligible for the the 10 GB promo, ends today and not able to get questions answered by phone or online.  

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Same issue here. I am really unhappy with the customer service at Fido. I cant do what I need on the website and the phone lines have been down for two days! I should have left Fido as a carrier ages ago and gone with someone else!!!!!!! Shame on you Fido

Community Manager

Hey everyone,


Sorry for the delay! While we did have extra staff in place for this promotion, we still experienced a higher than expected volume of enquires.


Keep in mind that you can change your plan on Fido.ca. To find out how, click here.


@Bhvns - we can help you with that! I'll send you a PM soon!

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Hi I have been trying to reach customer service for a week and half because it's not letting me activate my voicemail. It just keeps saying phone number invalid. I have waited on hold for 45 minutes probably 11 times and then I get hung up on everytime. I have tried contacting Fido through all modes of communication and still haven't been able to get any help. I am a new customer to Fido and I'm really questioning why I switched to this company as I have recieved no help from anyone after countless phone calls and facebook messages. I've tried logging into my account but that doesn't solve anything. Very dissapointed.

Hi @Draper17 & welcome to the Community!


We've been pretty swamped lately and have been trying to get back to everyone asap! I'll send you a PM to take a look at your account.


Chat soon. Smiley

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Same issue. Got my sim card as new line for spouse. Want to activate 3gb 45$ plan.

1. Called 611 multiple times listened nice repetitive sings.. my little one loved first time though..

2. left msg to facebook messanger, no response. 

3.went to fido store today and they asked to call 611.

4. Called 611 again but no luck

5. Posting queries here and this will be my last attempt 

Hi @priyanshu2020 & welcome to the Community!


I'll go ahead and send you a PM. Smiley

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I cannot complete this online and they could not help me in the store please assist 

I'm a Participant Level 1

I’m having the same issue. I have a time sensitive issue that needs to be solved immediately. When I got a home phone they told me to call back when I set it up cause they can’t port my old number now for some unknown reason. Now I need to port my number like Yesterday and I’ve been trying to call or chat for days to no avail. What is going on with this company???? I’ve always been happy and never had issues but this is beyond frustrating and irritating. Recruit more employees, re-evaluate your business, do something. You’re keeping your customers in the dark here !!!