Unable to log in to my account

Unable to log in to my account

Unable to log in to my account

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Unable to log in to my account



I had chatted with customer service team more than 3 time with the same issue which cannot see the detail information of my internet service. I only can see my fido mobile service. So I asked them about it and I got the same replied from them like this, wait for 5 business days, it can be displayed on my profile both of mobile and internet details automatically also someone who told me that he will request this issue to technical support team to fix it for me. But nothing change yet.


I'm waiting for 3 weeks now. From last week, I tried to log in with my email address (not the phone number user name for mobile) many times, but still cannot log in. It shows some error message as below;


' Fido.ca is temporarily unavailable, Which means that you currently can't view or manage your services.
We're sorry for the inconvenience, and we're working to get Fido.ca back up and running as soon as possible.

Thanks for your patience. '


And I should pay the first bill until January, 31 which is this weekend.

Could you tell me how to pay the bill and when can I see my internet detail service( my billing period, usage...etc) please? I'm really tired of asking the same issue. Please solve the problem.

Thank you.

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

4 days of this
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Hey tr3!


Can you try to register again on our website?

Should be working now, let me know if you were able to connect on your profile. 

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I successfully used the Facebook messager with Fido to access help since I haven't been able to login to My Account for weeks. My browser is Mozilla Firefox and I'm not willing to change just to access the Fido website. I cleared the cache, cookies and allowed pop ups and still couldn't get in.


The solution? Turn off the ad blocker for this one site. I hope this info helps others and perhaps the site developers can find a work around.

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Hey @ohchung

Welcome to the Community! 

It won't be possible to make changes to your profiles until our technical difficulties are resolved. We're sorry for any inconcenience and delays.

You can check out different payment methods over here.

If you have any account related question, you can reach us through PM on Facebook or Twitter!