Unable to get exclusive offered plan

Unable to get exclusive offered plan

Unable to get exclusive offered plan

I'm a Participant Level 1

Unable to get exclusive offered plan

So I was offered an exclusive plan on the FIdo website for being a loyal customer.

$35 - 2GB, unl. voice. - so I thought after the price increase last year ($5) and now the cancelation of the 10% ($3) for BYOD - great offer.

First the link didn't work, after 30 min on chat I was told I need upgrade to a certain specific phone(s) which I have no use for. No where in the offer was anything mentioned of this.

Is this a way to treat loyal customer? I'm with Fido since they start but they don't seem to care to much about their customers and make things complicated. Time to start shopping around.


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Hey @purzel,


We'd be most sorry to see you go and that's certainly not the experience we aim for! 


Could you give us a bit more information about the plan you were trying to switch to? Is it a Bring Your Own Phone plan? Or maybe a Small or Medium tier plan for example? 


If it's a plan that does come with a 2-year agreement (Small, Medium plan), then you would indeed be eligible to upgrade your phone as well with that plan. 


Please let us know.