US Travel Pack

US Travel Pack

US Travel Pack

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US Travel Pack

finding the $20 US talk and text travel pack is very keeps direxcting me to roam although I sdpecifically request this pack.

Where is this option on the website in my account

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Alright, so we've had Fido disable the FidoRoam option which means we will only have access to pay-per-use rates.


Should, say, we find ourselves in a position to want to pay the 7$ for 24h, how can we re-activate access to the feature? Would there be a delay, on the network's end, if we reach customer care and ask to put FidoRoam back on. Equally, would there be a delay to turn back off again when we're ready? Can we request by phone, from the US?


Or, is there anyway way to self-manage the feature? This link does not cover the scenario,


Thanks again!

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Hey  @Breeze_S


You can Self Enroll to FidoROAM right from your phone by texting ``Roam`` to 222. This should work while traveling without delays. 


To unenroll from FidoROAM however you would need to reach out to us through one of our contact points that you can see right here. Smiley 

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Pierre, thank you


Just to be clear, Fido has disabled FidoROAM from their end. So while in the US, simply by texting Roam to 222, FidoROAM will be reactivated and should we send a text/make a call, the 24h period will begin. If we wish to go a second day, we have nothing to do but use the phone again, past the first 24h period?


And when we're ready to return to pay-per-use rates, we reach Fido customer care how from the US?


I suppose Fido would rather make it difficult to self-manage FidoROAM from abroad, and make us scramble to turn it off when we wish to pay-per-use for a portion of our travels? No easier solution here?

Disabling Fido Roam is something you can only do with us, we don't offer a self serve option for this at this time but I'll make sure to share your suggestion with the team in charge. Once Fido Roam is disabled you can however reactivate it directly to your phone by texting Roam to the number 222 as suggested by @FidoSaad


If it is active, it will indeed renew automatically for another 24 hours if you use the phone again whether to send a text, make/answer a call or use data. 


We have different options available to get in touch from the US. You can check out all the ways to reach out here

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So......expected to pay $7 per day now for minutes and text only to travel in USA?

So 7 x 30 days for snowbirds would be $210......And no data?  Am I understanding?

Folks .....heard of Roam Mobility.

Hey there @Chez,


I've moved your post to this thread as it includes the answers to all your questions.


Let us know if you still need more info Smiley

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So I really have difficulty believing Fido would cancel the Travel Packs.

So i really have difficulty believing the response from Fido.  

I guess they think we can't figure out the cost difference.

I guess they think we would be okay with only using the phone 15 days each

month we are in the States.

One response from Fido was just use the phone every once in awhile and

send your 100 texts that day. Seriously that is an arrogant statement from a company 

that always prides itself on friendly great customer service.

Well Fido this is a major goof on your part!  Customers are not going to fool around

and pay 10 times as much.

Got my little suitcase packed and trekking over to Koodo and check Roam Mobility. :shopping_cart:


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Hey @Chez


We definitely wouldn't want to see you go. 


While we did indeed part ways with the old travel pack, we do believe Fido Roam is a great option to use your phone while travelling. Unlike travel packs, you can use the services as though you were in Canada and don't have to limit yourself. 


We do indeed bill a maximum of 15 days per cycle but that simply means the extra days would be on us, you would still be able to use the service afterwards. Smiley 


Hope that helps!

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It doesn't matter how you cut it......15 days × $7 is $105.00 per Month.


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It is indeed. Whether it's worth it for you will depend on what you use your phone for.


You also have the option to remove the Fido Roam and pay per use if you only use your phone here and there. 



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Fido Roam is not a great plan but a money grabber and I will be looking at other options for travel. We travel to the US frequently for 10-17 days at a time. The 20$ plan was more than adequate for our I am expected to pay $70-105 for the same number of days away....on top of my monthly bill for probably the same number of messages etc that we used with the Travel pack. Forget it. This last trip the phone was left on in the event someone needed us but was only used when we had access to wifi.


as I said I will definitely look for other options for service...and am considering Roam Mobility or a US phone.

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Hey @Ruth3


Thanks for sharing your feedback with us. I understand how Fido Roam might not be the best option in your circumstances. 


What's great with Fido Roam is that you only get billed when you use the service. From the moment you use your services, it'll be good for 24 hours. It's always good to make sure data is turned off so that nothing is running in the background on the days you don't want to use it.


If you'd rather get billed pay per use, you can always let us know and we'll unenroll you from Fido Roam! 


Keep us posted.

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or get an usa mobile phone store get an burner phone or usa prepaid sim, then message people (or place an facebook status message (my new usa # is 555-555-5555), and use wifi to call (use textnow app to call or txt via wifi)

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u have two options:

1: use fido roam rates:

2: use usa simcard, call forward (fido number to usa number), which u can get in london drugs

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I am equally dismayed at Fido's removal of Travel Packs and having Fido reps tout the supposed amazing service that is Fido Roam. So here is my question, virtually the same as the OP. I am traveling to the US for two weeks and used to purchase the 20$ US Travel Pack (valid for 30-days) which offered me: 100 texts and 25 mins. I have added this option for several summers now, and 20$ is more than reasonable. I don't use data, in fact it's disabled on my device.


Now, Fido exultantly wants clients to pay a 7$ (per day) fee x 12 days (length of my trip) which would be 84.00$ +tx.


I used to use close to those 100 texts, which now at pay-per-use would be 75.00$. This isn't even including the phone calls, as the TP included 25 minutes....


Please, PLEASE explain the rationale behind this service? Please explain how to get around this potential cost, without suggesting we simply opt-out and pay the regular pay-per-use price over the length of our trip?


Thank you

Hey there @Breeze_S,


Thanks for sharing your concern :).


As mentioned, Fido customers currently have 2 roaming options available by using Fido Roam, or by disabling it to choose pay per use rates. We do stress the advantage that Fido Roam gives you and I'll try to clarify why.


Based on the USA rates found here, Fido Roam will bill you $7 pay day only when you make a usage for a maximum of 15 days ($105) per billing cycle. Your daily fee will be good for a 24 hour period and would include calls, texts and data (based on what's available in your current plan). You can also find all the details about this feature here


For limited usage, going with pay per use charges may sound like the better option but this will actually depend on the total usage done. The pros with Fido Roam is the flexibility that it offers you in regards to how you choose to use your phone while travelling.


  1. You are in no way obliged to use your phone 15 days in each billing cycle
  2. For emergency calls/usage, Fido Roam remains the better option. Having one flat fee to make all the necessary urgent communications in one day gives you one less thing to worry about.
  3. If compared to the previous travel pack with 100 texts and 25 minutes at $20, the same usage or more can be done in one single day for a single $7 fee.

On that note, I can also share my personal experience using Fido Roam when the travel packs still existed. While on vacation I would have airplane mode enabled, and I would avoid using my phone for communications as much as possible to enjoy my free time. Personal preference.


Turning on my device on the weekend for one day would provide me with all the usage needed to text and call family and friends. The usage done in that single day could not be covered by a travel pack. As it would include a pay per use rate once you exceeded the text and airtime buckets included, Fido Roam would provide me with more usage and a cheaper option.


All in all, whichever option you choose to go with, you simply need to keep in mind that Fido Roam bills you based on the number of days used, while pay per use rates bills you based on the total usage done.


Let is know if you have any questions.

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Hi FidoSaad,


Thank you for your reply. I do have a question. Are you kidding?


For limited usage, going with pay per use charges may sound like the better option but this will actually depend on the total usage done. Obviously the costs depends on the usage, and that's the point most of us have been trying to make these past few months. We will be in the States for 12 days beginning next week, and send on average 2-5 texts per day. I likely won't make any calls and plan on receiving as many texts as I need.


So please answer this, if you (or anyone at Fido can). How will billing me 7$ x 12 days = 84$ even come close to what I used to be offered: 20$ Travel Pack valid for 30-days, allowing me 100 outgoing texts and 25 mins of voice calls. How does this even come close?


Suggesting we save all our messaging and calls for 1 or 2 days is almost laughable as a solution. Especially after reading through so many posts lamenting the same thing, that the solution Fido keeps coming up with is to pay-per-use, turn off your phone, or just *accept* the glorious feature of FidoRoam and after being gouged 7$ a day, why not go all out and just use your phone as much as you want!?


Truthfully, is there anyone at Fido willing to honestly address the issue here?

I assure you that we're fully addressing your concerns @Breeze_S,  


My reply is as serious as can be, and I'm glad that we agree that your pay per use cost will depend on your usage. This is the main difference with Fido Roam. The former bills you based on your total usage and the latter based on the total days used. Hopefully this answers your question as both options do not offer the same coverage.


So it all comes down to which option you prefer, as these are currently the only 2 options available with us. I understand that the previous travel pack was conveniently suited to your needs, but as we do no offer it anymore we can only work with what's available.


We're here to offer as much information on the options we have and to offer suggestions that we think might help you. Keep in mind that what you deem as the best solution will be based on what better suits your needs.


Hey @3830764,


Welcome to our Community Smiley


Travel Packs are no longer offered. Not to worry though, you can now benefit from our great Fido Roam option with any plan, not just a Pulse plan!


With over 90 percent of our customers’ roaming usage happening in the 125+ destinations where Fido Roam is available, we believe that this service has proven to offer better value for our customers over travel packs.


Check out all de details here.


Let me know if you have questions Smiley

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so now under my normal use I pay105 per month instead of $20....I am on my way away from Rogers soon.

No need to respond. Thanks Caludia.