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Trying to upgrade phone and website is bait and switching monthly costs

I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

I was looking to upgrade my phone online through fido's website.  The Samsung Galaxy S10e is listed as $19.99 monthly with the fido payment plan.  I go through the steps and it confirms it as $19.99 monthly on top of my phone plan cost.  That price is confirmed as $19.99 multiple times.  Then suddenly without warning on the last order verification tab it is $26.08.  Which is very easy to overlook because it is not specifically listed that way.  The total monthly cost just shows $76.08 before taxes instead of $69.99.


So if I dont catch that I am suddenly paying almost $150 more over the 24 months.  Call the customer support line and am told they dont have a connection to so they cant verify prices.  They were able to honour the $19.99 price because their own system showed it as well but now I need to pay the $40 setup fee which is no longer waived and miss out on the $60 bill credit which was an online only special offer.


Been very happy with Fido prior to this, but this interaction almost feels scamlike.


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey @cbrettzky


We took a look and the Samsung S10e is currently on promotion at $19.99/month after a monthly credit. This can also be confirmed on


This is the price you should get when ordering online, and the $40 fee should be waived.


Did you already order the phone via customer service? If not, can you try clearing your browser cache and cookies and trying it again?


Let us know!



I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

Thank you for reviewing.  I already did it over the phone when I couldnt find away around the website issues.  However I triggered the same steps for the second line on my account after clearing cache and history with no change.  The price is $19.99 until the order verification page where it is suddenly priced $26.08.  See attached screenshot.


Earlier order entry screen showing price is $69.99 ($50 phone plan + $19.99 phone charge)



Order verifcation screen showing price is not $19.99 because the monthly price is increased so the credit no longer brings it to $19.99.



Click here

Thank you for the picture, it does help and I can see how it can be confusing @cbrettzky!


The pricing is correct, the issue lies within the taxes.


The total amount financed you see there includes taxes ($52.96). If we remove the taxes and then deduct the $26.88 monthly, you get to $19.99.


For example, for Ontario, this would approximately look like:


$52.96/1.13 = $46.87

$46.87 - $26.88 = $19.99


The monthly discount ($26.88) is actually applied before tax, on your plan. In the end, the phone costs $19.99 + tax per month.


I hope that clears that up! I agree that the way it's displayed may be a little confusing and we do thank you for bringing it up as it does help us improve. 


As the order was done already, I'm sending you a private message so I can review something Smiley


See you there!

I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

while confusing at first glance, that makes sense and thank you for clearing it up. Hoping you can clear up the additional tax of $3.01 listed in the previous screenshot as well.


Currently plan is $50 and does not include tax so there is a separate line of $ 6.50 on the monthly bill for taxes. The new phone charge as you explained is the monthly phone cost + tax - promotion discount and just shows the net amount of $26.08 which is tax inclusive.  What is then being taxed for GST at $3.01?  As far as I can see the plan and phone are already taxed so nothing should remain untaxed?  Let me know.  Thank you.

The credit would apply on your plan, before tax. You won't be charged on the $50, that is where the difference comes from Smiley


The phone charge would be separate and taxes all on it's own. You can always check out this page for more info on this will look on your invoice. 


Hope that helps @cbrettzky!