Torn Between LG G3 and Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo

Torn Between LG G3 and Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo

Torn Between LG G3 and Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo

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Torn Between LG G3 and Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo

So I just found out that my $283 Fido dollars actually expire on July 6, 2016.

[Not sure if Fido planned on telling me this or not, but they haven't so far.] 


So my choices are narrowed down to 2 - the LG G3 and the Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo [which would cost an extra $50 in cash layout].


There seems to be numerous problems with the G3, [among other LGs for that matter] but I'm sure each and every phone has it's share of negative reviews and haters, as does each one has their fan boys and girls.


I'm tempted by the G3 but I'm wondering if the Samsung has a better track record for stability and build history.


For the record, I don't do much with my phone - no Facebook, no games, no videos.


I just use it the phone primarily as 'a phone' and the cameras in each are more than sufficient. 


I text a little and might check my emails once in a while, but only by local WiFi as I have purposely disabled my Data options.


Both phones are big, although the G3 seems a bit bigger.

I don't care if one or both are or contain mostly 'plastic' - not an issue to me.


Any thoughts? Serious replies only please.


Keep the fan boy/girl fudes, arguments and pissing contents elsewhere.

I've read enough of them already across the internet these last few days, and the only purpose they seem to accomplish is to show just how immature some people can be, not to mention displaying multiple examples of both mental and emotionally unstability.



Thanks for you're opinions and input.



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First, I would ask if you currently use an LG or Samsung phone. First (and last) time I've seen a Samsung phone, I didn't like the TouchWiz interface. I have not seen the interface on an LG. But your personal preference on this might make the choice for you.


Also, I have a personal issue with Samsung, in that they are slow to release an update, and it seems their phones are obsoleted rather quickly when it comes to updates - although I do not have hard data on that one. Their modifications are deep, and they have a gazillion devices, meaning it takes a lot of resources to re-customize Android to include an update. I would not claim that LG is exceptional on that front, but my understanding is that the updates come quicker.


For reference, according to the OS Upgrade Schedule, the G3 aready runs Marshmallow while the S5 Neo is still on Lollipop (and not even the latest version of Lollipop). They are both "old" phones, and I don't expect the S5 to ever receive an update. That said, the G3 comes with KitKat, so I don't think it will be receiving updates beyond Marshmallow, but that still puts it ahead of the Samsung. I could be wrong here, however.


On my Nexus 5, Marshmallow's Doze mode has increased battery life quite a bit. I suspect it would also apply to you since, like me, you don't appear to be looking at your phone 24/7! Smiley


The G3's larger battery is probably offset by its larger screen. However, the G3 has a removable battery, which is something I like. Since battery losing their capacity seems to be a common issue why people get a new phone, the ability to purchase just a new battery on Amazon for $15 to $30, or a higher capacity battery, might increase the longevity of the phone.


Another option would be to get any device and resell it.


Finally, Fido also has tablets, in case you didn't consider them already.

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Thank you for the reply and details.

You can also compare specs for both phone here.

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Thank you - I've looked over them at length a few times now..

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Hey stayhomepuppy!


Since January 4, 2016 we've been notifying our customers of the coming change through a bill message. We also recently sent an SMS to certain customers to let them know and since December 29, 2015 we put up a web message on about this on here


The LG G3 and the Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo are both great phones! That's going to be a tough choice.


@Community Anyone have any preferences or comments they want to share?