The line on my cell phone just got cut!

The line on my cell phone just got cut!

The line on my cell phone just got cut!

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The line on my cell phone just got cut!

I was on the phone with my friend and all of the sudden the call was dropped. Upon calling again there was one long beeb and hang up. The phone tells me that my line is not active or my phone # is not recognisable.


Rebooting the phone did not help.

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Were you able to at least lock onto the Fido network (i.e. does your phone say "FIDO" or something like that)? 


There is a slim chance that your SIM card was damaged and some subscriber information got wiped as well.  This situation is similar to how static electricity can damage micro SD cards.

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Hey @PhantomTroupe!


Were you able to get everything sorted out?


Let the Community know what worked! 

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I  am on 2 year contract with Galaxy s8 phone.


So the line went dark for about 20 min during which phone told me that is able to connect to Fido network with all bars, I was able to search and reconnect to Fido network, but # was inactive in the number details section. The phone still displayed my number, in settings even after reboot. About 20 min after the issue, the line started to work again.


I was able to reach Fido over Twitter during the ordeal. While taking too them, the line reactivated. They did not find any issues,  said it's weird and they have reset my network just in case.


Fido however did offer 11$/month phone replacement plan which I did not understand how that correlates to my issue especially when the phone is only few months old and still under warranty. 

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Hi PhantomTroupe,


The reason that you were offered the $11/month phone replacement plan is because with that plan, called Premium Device Protection, any out of warranty or non-manufacturers issues with the phone can be fixed with an up to $200 decuctable from the cost of the replacement phone. Means that instead of paying the value of the phone you just have to pay up to $200 to get a brand new one. It's an amazing offer and I'd go for it honestly. It saved me a bunch of money a while back! As for the issue with the phone cutting out, that's really odd but it would be covered by this as well if it continues or gets worse.

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If the screen on my phone did break then having the 11$ premium would possibly be a solution. Although I have my phone protected by glass screen protector and ruggedised case which reduce the likelyhood of seriuos dammage.


On the other hand if for some reason my line was cut for 20 min and then magically started to work again then I dont see how the 11$ premium would help that at all. It seems to me more of an issue on Fido's network end.


Lets say that my phone was defective, since its under warranty, i just need to go to place of purchase (FIDO) or manufacturer samsung and get it sent for serviced though them.


Even your website specifically sais its for physical dammage and out of warrany replacements:

  • Comprehensive protection

    Accidental damage, including liquid damage and out-of-warranty defects are all protected.1

  • Broken screen repair

    Repair your first broken screen for no extra cost as long as there’s no other damage to your device.

Neither are my cases!!!!


What i am really upset is that when I had an issue where I lost the line for 20 minutes, the only solution to that issue I got was 11$/month phone replacement plan which has nothing to do with the issue. And no one knows what is/was the issue.


This personally felt to me like the mechanic's taktic that tries to sell you something that has no relation to the issue that you came with.

@PhantomTroupe,Thanks for sharing your feedback with us. I will be sure to pass it along. 


Hey @PhantomTroupe,


That's definitely odd! 


I'll need a bit more info to get to the bottom of this.


-Do you have a monthly account or a prepaid one? 

-What's the model of the phone you're using?

-Does your phone display any signal bars?

-Have you tried removing and reinserting the SIM card to see if that helps?


Let me know!