The Loyalty Dept does not exist anymore.

The Loyalty Dept does not exist anymore.

The Loyalty Dept does not exist anymore.

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The Loyalty Dept does not exist anymore.

I cant believe how bad Fido has become. Being a customer since 1998, the marketing dept has forsaken the loyal customer for those who have a max plan and smart plan only. Customers on a standard plan mean nothing to them..  The only information on upgrade and to renew your contract is all there is on the web site. The loyality dept sounds like a front. This is their new marketing plan. Goodbye Fido....... Il'll be shopping for a new company who cares.




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Hi @taurus16 & welcome to the Community!


I'm sad to read that you're thinking of leaving us. Sad Rest assured that we care about all of our customers and truly appreciate your loyalty!


Where you looking for information on upgrading with a Standard plan? I'd be more than happy to help you out.


Let me know!

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so did they indeed axe the loyalty team or are they still there?  if they axed them then that would be sad as I hate to see lost jobs

Hey @Paolo!


Don't worry, our loyalty customer service has always been in place, and ready to assist Smiley


By the way, something new- we're available on Facebook messenger and Twitter Smiley