Texts not coming in properly

Texts not coming in properly

Texts not coming in properly

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Texts not coming in properly

I got a G5 a couple months ago and i have so many problems with my texting. Sometimes I get texts 12 hours after they were sent even when I have service. Or they come in really weird orders and its really irritating. I switched to fido as I was told it was a better company but so far I'm just unhappy. I don't know if its physically its my phone or if its the network but it needs to be fixed why would I continue to pay over 80$ a month for something that doesn't work anyway....




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Hey @ cristasedlace!


That seems like a pretty strange issue!


Have you tried any of the following to try to troubleshoot?:


- Rebooted your phone

- Updated the software (if it doesn't already have the latest version)

- Placed your SIM in a different Fido phone to test it out



Also, have you noticed if this issue happens only with certain numbers or all of them?


Let us know!