Texting 222 data isn’t going through

Service interruption

An update for our valued customers: We know you depend on us and on April 19, we let you down - for this we are truly sorry. You won’t be charged for your wireless services that were impacted on Monday, April 19. A credit equivalent to that day's wireless service fee will be applied to your May bill. This will be done automatically & no action is required by you.

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Texting 222 data isn’t going through

Texting 222 data isn’t going through

I'm a Participant Level 1

Texting 222 data isn’t going through

I am texting 222 data but it says my request didn’t go through


Hey @Shahzaib!


That's definitely odd. Have you tried sending the text a second time to see if that works?

Also, are you still under 100% of usage? Keep in mind Data Top-Ups cannot be added once you reach 100% of data usage and your plans overage rate will kick in instead.


Let me know Smiley



Hey again @Shahzaib!


Was this resolved?


Keep in mind the word DATA needs to be sent to the number 222


Let us know Smiley