Text message delays

Text message delays

Text message delays

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Text message delays

I switched to Fido due to some of the nonsense with my Virgin Mobility service.


Virgin Mobility telephoned me, after midnight, to advise me that my credit card would expire in the next month. That's not appreciated, when one is trying to sleep and when one's account is prepaid for several months already. A text message or a telephone call during the business day would have been much better. Also, I didn't need their spam for concerts and special offers, which I had no interest in. Why spam a customer on their cell phone? Clearly, the company didn't care about its annoying stupidity with customer relations.


I switched over to Fido. Clearly, now, I should have switched to some other service.


I really don't care about add-ons and Fido dollars. I wanted a basic cell phone service, (prepaid), without any nonsense.


Since last September, I have been receiving text messages sent to me by my employer and co-workers. "Can you come to work earlier today?" "Please give me a call?" Now, while I see my co-workers getting text messages in quick succession, what has happened with my text messages? I am getting text messages a few hours after they were sent, including several times when a text message has been received more than twelve hours after it was sent.


"Didn't you get my text message?" "No. What text message?" I check my cell-phone and show it to them. Nothing has been received. Even more fun was, once, showing that I hadn't gotten a message sent a couple of hours before, and then it shows up while checking for its not being received.




I've told my boss to telephone me for anything that's urgent, as Fido's texting service is useless when it comes to the prompt delivery of his text messages.


I got a text message from Fido, this evening, (July 9th), reminding me that my balance is "about to expire." Well, I checked my account at the Fido website and discovered that my account has been deactivated, my balance is at zero, and the last transaction was on July 3rd, for the 911 service charge. Once again, Fido is sending me a text, (about a week late), to remind me that it wants me to refill my account.


Or did Fido send that reminder text a week ago and just didn't bother to deliver it until this past evening?


When I complained to Fido, their customer service asked if my cell phone was switched "off." No, with the cell phone turned "on," and used several times during the day, I was getting text messages hours after they had been sent. Fido's tech support suggested that my cell phone was working properly and should be brought in to check if it needed repairs. No, the cell phone works fine, the battery is fully charged, and I haven't had any trouble making telephone calls nor sending texts; but, still, I get text messages that are hours old by the time they arrive on my cell phone.

If other Fido customers discover that their text messages are arriving, hours, (maybe days, or a week), after they were sent, they might consider switching to another service. Fido's customer service and technical service have done nothing about solving this problem, while I have been their customer. Now that my prepaid balance has expired, I have absolutely no reason to refill my account. I would simply be wasting my money.


Good-bye Fido; and, take note that I'm also complaining to the CRTC about your poor standards of service.



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Hi Fortean & Welcome to the community.

We wouldn't want to see you go. Your prepaid balance expires after 30 days if you do not make any refill. You can have access to all the information on Fido.ca under My Account.

When it comes to text messages not coming in or coming in late, it can be due to many things. A network outage, a SIMcard issue of even a phone issue. Are you using a Fido cellphone or are you using an unlocked phone? It is always harder to test unlocked phones as we can't predict how they will function on a different network than its original one. You say you are able to place and receive calls with no issue which means it is not a network problem. 

Are you having issues sending and receiving for all numbers or specific ones only?

I will send you a private message to see if we can investigate further to isolate the situation and find a solution! 

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I bought a Samsung LINX package for Fido's Prepaid Service a few years ago from Best Buy. The cell phone was undoubtedly locked to Fido, (never unlocked), and still has the original Fido SIM card. I have never had a problem in the Kingston, Ontario, area, with the operation of this cell phone. The only trouble with this model is that its telephone buttons are much too sensitive and are exposed, (a clamshell case would easily solve this problem). In a shirt pocket, it's not difficult for the LINX to turn itself on and activate a function, just being jostled. The cell phone has not been the problem, and it's specially designed for texting with its own keyboard that slides out from under the phone keypad.


I have had a co-worker send me a text message from their smartphone, while this cell phone is next to them and turned on. And, their message isn't received, without a long delay, but a telephone call is promptly received. And, their smartphone promptly receives my text messages.


Clearly, the problem is with Fido's network and its handling of text messages.


As I'm often driving a car, I'm not using my cell phone nor texting; but, to contact me, I've asked my boss and co-workers to send me a text message, that I can read once I've pulled off of the road. Since as long ago as September, I've not been receiving many of those text messages, without delays of an hour or more. I might use the cell phone in the meantime and also check for messages, so it's not due to the cell phone being switched off nor a lack of power in the battery.


I've missed far too many messages to rely on Fido's service. Some co-worker is sick, and the boss wants to know if I can come to work early or can come in to work on my day off; but, then, I get his text message on the next day. It's useless! Telephone me, I tell him, because Fido doesn't send me your messages. I've even sent my boss a series of text messages, which he gets, but his replies have been cut off, (not arriving until an hour or more later).


There's a simple solution. I'm quitting Fido.


Fido has sent me a message, asking me to do a refill. Checking my account, I see that my balance was already wiped out, (zero). Then, the next day, yesterday, another Fido message, asking me to do a refill. Why? My complaints have been dismissed by Fido's customer service and technical support, months ago.


If my telephone didn't ring, when someone was calling me while I'm next to it, and I later find my voice mail overflowing with urgent messages, (and my telephone works fine), I'd be asking the telephone company what's wrong and to fix the problem. I'd not be happy to be asked to renew my contract with them. However, with Fido, I prepaid for its services and see my sizable airtime balance wiped out.


I'm certainly not happy with Fido. 



Thanks for giving us more details Fortean.

We wouldn't want to see you go and we would love to investigate the matter with you. If you reply to the private messge we sent you, we will be able to access the account and look into it.



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Interesting read. This SMS issue has also affected me for years, but I never knew to be a Fido only issue. My understanding is that SMS is an old technology that doesn't 'push' itself to the phone.  Most phones are not configured to grab SMS automactically as it is a drain on battery life, so If the SMS is not recieved right away the phone will only check for SMS periodically.


My advice is to research on phone that handles SMS activitly. Another method is to switch to data bases Messaging apps such as What's app. These apps don't deliever messages through the SMS but uses internet data. The benefit is that every text, voice, picture message you will get notification if the recepeiant has recieved/read the message.

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could it be because you don't have any money in your account that messages are not going through?


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With more than $100 in my account, (carried over, due to my low usage on Fido's prepaid plan), the problem certainly has not been due to my failure to pay for Fido's services.


As I am not going to prepay for any more of Fido's poor service, the account balance has expired. Even so, I have received two messages from Fido reminding me to refill my account, (after Fido has reduced my account's balance to zero and noted it as "deactivated").


I'd expect to receive text messages sent to my cell phone promptly, (especially when my airtime account has been prepaid); but, text messages have occasionally been delayed for hours, from the time that they were sent to me until they were delivered to me on my Fido cell phone. I complained to Fido's customer service and technical support on this matter, last September, and received no satisfactory response. My cell phone works fine. It's not the problem. The problem is that Fido is not sending the text messages, (not minutes after being sent, but upwards of twelve hours last September, and more than a day later in the past month), while my cell phone is switched on and being checked for new messages.

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Um...if your account says 0, that probably means you don't have any funds in it. To keep your balance you will need to refill it every month regardless if you are using it or not.

I've never had problem with text messages and I've been with Fido for over 10 years.

could it be because you are in a spot where signal is not so strong? (don't trust the signal display on your phone, they are not accurate.)

or have you tried using that sim card in a different phone? or maybe get a new sim card?

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Yukichan, pay attention.


Until a week ago, I had plenty of credit available in my prepaid account. That's not why I wasn't getting text messages. I was getting text messages, (just, some of them arrived long after they had been sent). It was not due to my account balance.


Signal strength was fine. I could send text messages and make telephone calls, which were promptly received by my boss and co-workers. No problem with that. However, their text messages to me could stop arriving and not be received for another couple of hours.


I bought a Fido recommended Samsung LINX and only used that original Fido SIM card. No problem with telephone calls, nor any known problems sending text messages, (no complaints, there).


Obviously, you want to blame me for not having money in my account, (plenty of it there, until my prepaid balance expired this last week), or the cell phone that I used, or poor signal strength, etc., etc.


What you don't want to consider is that Fido wasn't promptly sending text messages to one of its customers, (and, just like your replies, here, which ignore that fact), neither Fido's customer service nor technical service did anything to help correct the problem since last September, (when I brought it to their attention). Like you, they don't pay much attention and dismissed a customer's complaint about some glitch in their text message service.


I don't think that Fido actually wanted to delay text messages sent to me, (via Fido); but, failing to do anything about this problem, I'm switching to another service and letting other people using Fido, (or thinking of using Fido), know that there's a problem, which goes beyond their text message service. 

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Listen Fortean,


Your attitude doesn't solve problems here.

im simply giving you possible reasons why this might be happening.

you don't need to argue with me over it. 

Im not saying there isn't something going on I'm simply saying maybe those are the reasons.

try putting that SIM card I to a different phone. Maybe it's the phone that's having problem receiving messages. Try a different SIM card. Maybe it's the SIM card. There's no point yelling and screaming when you haven't tried to eliminate the phone or the SIM card as the source of the problem.


ive had problems with SIM card and had the SIM card swapped and worked fine. 


You Might just want to give it a try. 


No one is trying to blame you. You just need to chill.

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My best guess is that ancient phone isn't performing properly. I'd try a device from this decade before blaming the provider.

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Ancient phone?


It was one of the few cell phones that Fido recommendeda few years ago, and the Samsung LINX was designed for text messaging, having its own mini-keyboard in addition to the the cell phone's keys.


The problem is not that the cell phone did not receive text messages.


Is that not clear to all of the problem solvers at Fido?


The problem was that Fido was not sending some text messages, which had been sent to me, until hours after they had been sent.


Too much text message traffic in Kingston, Ontario? I might understand some delays, if the message service was being overwhelmed, (such as with New Year's Eve messages). This shouldn't have caused back-ups where it took hours for a text message to be received.


For example, I'm driving from one business location, in Kingston, to another, on an errand, but I keep my cell phone switched on to receive any calls or text messages, if I might be needed. The errand takes twenty minutes. A few minutes after I've left, a co-worker sends me a text to come back. It's not received, while I'm listening for any calls or texts. I don't use the cell phone nor text while driving, but will pull over to the side of the road to call back or read the text. After I've returned, "I sent you a text." We look at the cell phone, I show the co-worker that there's no new tex message in its Inbox. Guess what? That text message arrives, while we are looking for it and about an hour after it had been sent.


Prehistoric cell phone? No, it works fine. It receives text messages, too; but, Fido has been slow, at times, in delivering them. It's a bit like their sending a reminder e-mail to refill my account, ten days after the expiry date. 

Hello again Fortean,


  Well, it's obvious that you're not open to suggestions or help so I'll just leave you with a couple of further insights. Take them or leave them.


  You are convinced that there is no problem with your phone or SIM because they 'work'. The question you should ask yourself though, is 'are they working properly?' Yes, you can make/receive calls. Yes, you can send and receive texts... eventually. We get that. But maybe it could be working better.


  You also dismissed Proac's comment regarding your phone being 'ancient'. I hate to tell you, but in the world of electronics, a even couple of months is considered old. That said, most of us can get by with somewhat 'dated' technologies, keeping phones for a couple of years at least. I think Proac was probably referring to that phone only supporting 2G. The LINX might have been 'designed for text messaging', but it relies on old technology. That phone came out in 2010 so the phone's GSM-only antennae technology would have been pre-2010. Could old antennae technology affect cell signal? It might work fine when you have cell signal, but how about when it doesn't get signal? There are many factors which affect cell signal, especially if it has to rely on a single network.


   In addition, with your example, are you aware that movement ie driving can also affect cell signal reception? If you're not getting cell signal when you are driving, you won't be able to receive texts -- or calls for that matter. If you lose signal when doing your errands, the SMS centre would 'store' your texts and deliver them when the phone gets signal.


   It's also possible, as Wufai suggested, that your phone may only check SMS periodically and your texts show up all at once when you check manually.


   All of the suggestions people have made are plausible possiblities. Bottom line, we don't know exactly what's causing the delay in your receiving messages. There are so many variables which you dismiss because of your conviction. Everything is actually pretty clear to the people trying to help solve your problem. I guess things are just more difficult to see when you have blinders on.



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A quick search on the 'net for "text messages delayed" gets me a few results where people had a lot of old texts saved (which uses the phone's memory). They deleted those old texts and things started working again.


I obviously don't know how many text messages your phone currently holds, but it might be worth deleting them all. If you have any important information in those SMS, make sure you save them elsewhere!

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ZYX, I thought of that, too.


Only once did I have the Message Icon flash to indicate the memory had filled with text messages. I deleted every text message but this didn't stop the problem. I've keep watch to avoid too many text messages and delete them regularly. If full of messages, the cell phone would stop receiving new messages; it does receive them, so it's doubtful that's why some, (not all), are delayed. Also, I've never used the Airplane Mode to limit the phone's broadcast and reception of signals, (which should also stop text messages, not delay their delivery). 


When I first noticed this problem, I questioned if the problem might be the signal strength, that may have differed between Fido and other services. This might happen occasionally, (texts would be received while driving, except when outside of the range of a signal, when the cell phone, too, wouldn't work. Also, if moving between different areas to service between different cell towers, I might expect a delay, while the Fido network searches for my cell phone. However, this shouldn't take hours, nor should my cell phone become lost to the network when sending and receiving a series of text messages.


This has not been a persistent problem. I've sent text messages and received text messages, for several days, with absolutely no problem. Then, I'll get a text message, from my boss, asking if I might come in to work for a few hours, (as a co-worker cannot come in). I've texted back to him, promptly, "When do you want me to come in?" His reply, " I sent that to you yesterday, nevermind, I got someone else." That's infuriating, especially when my cell phone is at my desk and switched on, (on idle), just in case I might be called. Everything works fine, but, then, unexplained delays in receiving the simplest text message. After this happened a few times, I told my boss, use the telephone, as I cannot rely on receiving your text messages promptly from Fido.


Proac, Fido was the provider which recommended the Samsung LINX, when I switched to Fido, three years ago.


I've not run across anyone acknowledging such delays in their text messages; but, I have noticed that Rogers, Fido, and Koodo are the providers with the most problems in cell signal reception, in Kingston, Ontario. Rogers can take minutes to get a cell phone signal on the south side, (base housing and barracks), of CFB Kingston, the Royal Military College, and near Sir John A Macdonald Boulevard, in Kingston. Also, with Queen's University, St. Lawrence College, and the Royal Military College, I've questioned if the amount of cell phone traffic might be affected by these large student populations, in Kingston. It's not really a factor, when students are in Kingston, or away for the summer. At Queen's, only a few locations among the dormitories fail to get a good signal; but, the Royal Military College has terrible reception, (almost impossible at two of its dormitories).


If I've got "blinders" on, (thinking that a working phone isn't to blame), shall I again point out that Fido has sent two text messages and an e-mail reminding me to refill my account, (long after my balance expired). How my cell phone could to be implicated on a tardy e-mail from Fido needs more than "blinders" to ignore. I doubt that Fido's customer service cares about anything but getting a refill, even if they have to blame "text message delays" on sunspots.

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Hi all,

i have the same problem with my iphone6 too, the text messages are either delayed or never been received.  therefore i dont think this is a problem with the phone... but rather with Fido.


would appreciate if anyone could give a solution, thank you

Hey @duckbar and thank you for using the Community Smiley

I hate to see that you have trouble with your text messages.


We can definitely figure out why you have that problem together. I would simply have a few questions in order to find out if it's a FIDO problem.


When did you start having that issue exaclty?


Do you have enough signal bars on your phone when you try to send and receive SMS.


Did you try to restore your Iphone from Itunes? Did a reboot of your device help?


Also, did you have a chance to go to one of our stores to have your phone checked? Maybe all that needs to be done to fix this is to get a new sim card for your Iphone.


Let me know Smiley


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My attitude doesn't solve any problems here?


That's the problem with Fido. It doesn't listen to customer complaints.


Blame the customer for not having money in their account? Prepaid service with a lot in my account.


Blame the telephone? It works fine.


Blame the SIM card? Is the phone unlocked? It's been locked on Fido with the original Fido SIM card.


Blame the signal strength? No problem with the telephone, and no problem sending text messages.


You've been blaming me from the very start, Yukichan.


The problem is that Fido isn't sending text messages to a prepaid customer on many occasions until hours after they've been sent. Clearly, with the cell phone switched on and working properly, there's a problem with Fido's text message service.


I brought this to the attention of Fido's customer service, last September. Nothing done to fix it.


I brought this to the attention of Fido's technical support, last September. Maybe, your phone needs to be fixed. No, it works fine, and is receiving the text messages fine, some of them twelve hours or more after they were sent to me.


No effort made to fix the problem. And, it's "my attitude" that's to blame?


I received an e-mail from Fido, today, (July 15), at 1:47 PM.


"Be sure to refill your account by July 4, 2015, so you don’t lose your balance."


Does Fido usually take more than ten days to send an e-mail reminder?


Nothing wrong with my computer, my Internet connections, nor my e-mail program. All work perfectly.


Could it be "my attitude" that prevented Fido from sending me this timely message, until today?


I doubt it. However, I'd guess that Yukichan will try to blame this on my SIM card, too.


Fido's customers deserve a better service, (as well as customer service and technical support staff who do more than blame the customer and their phone, when a problem is brought to their attention).


"Caveat emptor" is my message to others who are using Fido or who contemplate using Fido.


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No one is trying to blame you but you need to test and try to eliminate problems here.

No one can help you if you don't want to try to figure out the problem here.

Your phone is a few years old and things do wear out. You need to understand that.

Sim Cards can fail and I've had failed one myself. If it's a few years old, go to the Fido store and get a new one.

Everyone's trying to help you find the cause here but you think that it's Fido that's blocking and delaying your message on purpose.

Try switching the sim card. Try switching the phone. It could be one or the other or it could be something else. At least this will help others to see what the problem is.



Hello Fortean,


  I'm detecting a trend here. First it's 'nonsense with my Virgin Mobility service' and now it's Fido's 'extremely poor customer service and ridiculous text message delays'. Who's next?


  Why is everything about 'blame'? And why are you so adamant that your SIM doesn't require replacing? They aren't failproof. You obviously do not see it, but people have been trying to sort out your problem for you.


  There are a couple of possible scenarios which could be causing the delay in your receiving texts. Occasional delays may be a result of network congestion etc.


  More regular delays, as you noted, could be Fido's text messaging service itself. If true, then we would expect the problem to affect more people than just one or two people. We would expect a lot more complaints. Perhaps there are many more complaints of which I am not aware. Since I have not heard of many others with similar problems, I can only go with my own experience: I have not experienced any delay in receiving texts.


  Can you explain how an issue with the text messaging service could selectively delay text messages to certain people and not to others? Okay, maybe there is a difference in the way Fido handles prepaid vs postpaid texts. Even if that were the case, how come more prepaid users have not experienced the delay you are getting?


  So if the problem isn't occurring with the masses, then isn't it possible that the problem could be more at the individual phone level? Is it at least possible?!? 


  When trying to solve a problem, we need to systematically eliminate the possible issues -- including those at the individual phone level. This is what people have been trying to do for you.


  Your account had a positive balance. Fine.

  You say your phone works. Fine.

  You say your settings are correct. Fine.

  You say signal strength was not the problem. Fine.


  Have you tried to use a new SIM? If you have tried a new SIM and you still have the same problem, then we can eliminate it as a possiblilty. If you haven't, why not? It's simple to test. If it works, great! If it doesn't solve the problem, then we can move on to see what else could be the issue. The only way to isolate the problem and provide a possible solution is to go through everything systematically. 


  You can't isolate an electrical issue on a car by refusing to test the battery. If the battery checks out then you move on. If it doesn't, then you replace it. If that solves the problem then you're done. If not, you move on to the next possible cause. But if you jump in and unnecessarily replace components when in fact it was the battery causing the problem, then you still end up with the same problem -- except with shiny new components.


  You complain that the technical support hasn't been doing anything to help solve your problem. Perhaps the text messaging system does have 'shiny new components' and you just don't know it.


  Judging by your responses to previous posts, I'm not expecting a pleasant reception to this post. I wish you all the best with whichever company you switch to. That said, I have a feeling you won't be happy with them either.