Terrible Customer Support, Terrible Customer Retention, Zero Accountability

Terrible Customer Support, Terrible Customer Retention, Zero Accountability

Terrible Customer Support, Terrible Customer Retention, Zero Accountability

I'm a Participant Level 2

Terrible Customer Support, Terrible Customer Retention, Zero Accountability

I am posting this with the hope of other Fido customers seeing this who can relate and also for new/potential customers to see what they're stepping into.


My story starts early this year when I upgraded to the new Google Pixel (maybe March). I went ahead and bought it on a Pulse25 plan which allocated $25 dollars per month to the phone subsidy as explained by the worker at Sherway Gardens Fido. I even bought device protection for $11 per month extra . I was dealing with Moe, he was excellent. I would admit he upsold me but I was willing due to his service.


Fast forward about a week, the ear-speaker crackles and stops working. I called customer care and told asked them how to go about exchanging the phone for a new, working phone. Their response was that I had device protection and it should be no problem - simply pay my $200 deductible and I would get a new phone, OR, since my phone was under warranty I could send it out for repair. Unsatisfied, I looked into my terms and it clearly stated that I could return or exchange my phone within 11 days. I called back and after an hour or so of reminding them what the FIDO POLICIES AND PROCEDURES were, they finally agreed to have me to a straight exchange for the phone at the store that I had bought it. When I got to the store it toook some time to get my new phone but that is understandable because it must have been a "once in a blue moon" procedure.


Later in October I ended up having the same issue with my phone. I went back to the Fido Sherway Gardens store and I sent it out for repair. I filled out paperwork and the store clerk inspected my phone for any damage. Everything went smooth and the phone was sent out for repair on October 3rd. I was told it would take about 10 days to get it back.


Needless to say it was taking longer so I called. I called every few days after the ten day mark and finally it came in around November 1st? I did not note the exact date and Fido doesn't send to have the date it came back to them early, conveniently. 


Sure even there was problems. When I came to the store to pick up the phone it was noted that no repair was done because of physically damage. Apparently the phone was not touched (in the month that it was gone for repair) due to a cracked LCD screen. Now if you don't remember, the phone was inspected before it was sent out and noted to be in good shape. So somehow in transport the phone as damaged. I started dealing with one of the store managers at this point. His name was Drew from the Fido Sherway Gardens store. 


He said in this situation Fido will find a way to repair it or more commonly replace the phone. He needed to send it out and start a new case on it, I should hear from him in a couple days (his words). In a few days I did not receive a call so I called the store - he was away so I left my name and number with a different clerk to make sure Drew would have my information to call back. A couple days later and still no call. I called back and apparently just missed him so the clerk asked for my name and number to leave Drew another note. I told the clerk I had just gone through this procedure and I was not confident. He assured me he was writing Drew an e-mail to call me the next morning around 8AM when he got to the store. I reluctantly agreed. 


Sure enough I did not receive a call from Drew but when I called in afternoon he picked up. He told me that Fido would be replacing my phone and he was just waiting for the confirmation e-mail to come in that day and he'll let me know when to come to the store before the end of the day. As you probably guessed he did not call me back.


I got a hold of him the day after and he said unfortunately something had changed and the phone would be repaired instead. I was very upset and he did not do anything to put me at ease, just gave me another ten day repair period.


I called customer service after about two weeks on November 15th to see the status of the repair because they could not do it at the store level. They informed me that Drew did not send it out until the 14th of November.. Perfect. I also noted a data overage charge that shouldn't have been on my account. The rep, to my surprise at this point, agreed and gave me a credit to cover the data overage. 



It is now the November 22, I checked my account and the overage charge is still there. I spoke to Srinivas. I told Srinivas that this whole process has been unacceptable (for a variety of reasons) and I wanted to speak to his supervisor to address my concerns. He told me his supervisor was currently busy and would be ABOUT TWO HOURS. He said he’ll get them to call me back and I should expect the call within the two hours.


Sure enough this was another let down. I have not received the call after three and a half hours. I am currently on hold as I write this, waiting for another supervisor. I’ll try to update this thread as I continue the Fido downward spiral.


Please consider your options before choosing Fido if you somehow land on this thread shopping around. I am hoping since I have a long history with Fido that another provider will value the transfer of loyalty when it comes time to cancel (when I get my Pixel back).


To add insult to injury, I am confident that I will get the phone back with only the speaker fixed and not physical damage that they did to the phone.


Wish me luck!


Hi @danielcasaluce,


Sorry to hear about your experience Sad Let me send you a PM to look closely into it.