Tablet plan, $15 / 3GB. only 2G when i check

Tablet plan, $15 / 3GB. only 2G when i check

Tablet plan, $15 / 3GB. only 2G when i check

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Tablet plan, $15 / 3GB. only 2G when i check

i had apply a data only plan in the store ,its 3GB data only plan but when i check the data detail,its only 2GB.then i call fido service to change the plan ASAP.some agent answer my phone call,after half hour,she told me the plan has been changed, its 2GB right now.and i cant use my table (data,because the plan was changed).today morning i check data detail,its still system need update,when i call this morning.i really need help to fix this problem.

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Hey @cori1


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Hello @cori1,


When did you get the tablet only plan? It could be that when you first got the plan it was 2gb for $15 I know Fido recently started a new promotion for 3gb for the same $15.


If you want the new promo the agent would apply it to start at your new billing cycle if they apply the change right away you will have to pay $15 for the current 2gb plan and another $15 for the new 3gb plan so this month you will have to pay $30 that's why when a plan change is done it it almost always set to start at the new billing cycle.


Also because data only plans are not prorated like a cellphone plans, changes are always set to happen at the next billing cycle.