Switching from koodo to Fido problems

Switching from koodo to Fido problems

Switching from koodo to Fido problems

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Switching from koodo to Fido problems


I Have a LG4 and was A Koodo customer. Due to high bills I switch to Fido with my unlocked Phone. I have been having lots of tech. Issues. With calling ( no one can hear me), calls go straight to VM,candy sometimes I can dial out, and text message not going through. I never ever had this problem before. Is it my phone??? 


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Re: Switching from koodo to Fido problems

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Thanks. It's zero to 1. Outside my house as well. 

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Hi @Robinangelov Welcome to Fido bro and the CommunitySmiley


  1. You said - No one can hear you; for most that would be related to your phone settings (unless infected).

1- Head over to settings / device /sound and notification verify all the sound profile and sound settings  save, reboot then test a call.


 2- you said - calls go straight to voicemail 

2- verify in settings /device / sound and notification that your do not disturb isnnit activated then head over to voicemail in settings and, inside yourvoicemail adjust after 3-4 rings.


3- You said ....VM candy sometimes I can dial out, and text message not going through;

3- try using setting in the text message app i.e.to sync message sent receive to shortest timing please reply back detail on this question I could not understand first part, please precise the messaging app you are using if you need more help...(I am making an assumption that your phone is not rooted and that you are using standard apps at this stage.)


I suggest you verify that you have the latest updates for these apps in Google Play Store and keep updates of Google stuff finally also run scan antivirus.

See Also APN settings at  Fido &

Fido tips LG G4 Tips


I hope this resolves the situations you encounter if not please feel free to reply back here someone we will be pleased to help you can contact Fido anytime Here to direct assist you.


Welcome.bro I hope this helps!


Hi @Robinangelov, welcome aboard! 


Did @Scooby-Doo's suggestions helped? 


Keep us in the loop Smiley 

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No . When I go to send a text I get every other text saying no cell service, I have checked the network. It says it's fine. 

When I make calls ..the caller tells me I keep cutting out ( not volume issue).

Some of my calls ( in) ..go straight to voicemail. I checked settings all good. When I was at the mall today my phone rang and I was able to send  text???? This clearly seems to happen at my home. 

Hello Robinangelov,


  Welcome to the community!


  The mobile providers' cellular towers are not necessarily situated at the same locations. As a result, the coverage from the different providers can vary slightly, depending on your location relative to the cellular towers. It's likely that your location is closer to a Telus (or Bell) tower and is just outside (or on the edge) of Fido/Rogers coverage. You can get an idea of your local cellular towers here. You should note that there are many factors which can affect signal transmission, including (but not limited to) distance from cellular towers as well as possible sources of interference (ie buildings, trees, terrain, etc).


  That's not to say the Bell or Telus have better coverage than Fido/Rogers as a whole, it depends on the particular circumstances at any given location. For example, I was hoping to switch my mother from Rogers Prepaid to Telus Prepaid. However, when I inserted the Telus SIM into her phone, she got no signal at all. She lives in a medium-sized city so it wasn't like she's out in the middle of nowhere, but her location just happens to be outside of Telus coverage.


  The nature of cellular phones is that they are dependent on their locations relative to the cellular towers. Some areas will have better coverage from a particular provider; other areas will have better coverage from another provider.


  Have you tried to enable roaming on your phone? If you're outside of Fido/Rogers coverage, your phone might be able to connect to the Telus (or Bell) tower as Fido-EXT (extended coverage). That said, connecting to extended coverage may not be a long-term solution for your situation. Its use is only meant to be on a temporary basis and the majority of usage must be done on the Fido network.


  Wifi-calling may or may not be an option for yourself. Since your phone is not from Fido, it may not have access to the service. However, there have been instances where non-Fido phones were able to use Wifi-calling. I believe it's a technical issue which Fido is trying to solve.


Hope this helps Smiley




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Hi @Robinangelov


In settings/networks/call, there are two settings that will improve call quality. Noise suppression and Voice quality.


As far as network home do you mean wifi? If so please try resetting wifi connection again Start from scratch.


LG G4 can suffer from erratic Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Rebooting often solves the problem, and our old pal Settings > Wi-Fi enables you to forget networks and re-establish connections to make them behave again

There is tons of troubleshoot online on LGG4 maybe its time to consider a new device deal would be your next step.

Hope this helps you!

Hey @Robinangelov


Thanks for confirming Smiley 


When this happens how many signal bars do you have? 


Is the issue only inside or outside as well? 


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Thanks. It's zero to 1. Outside my house as well. 

Okay. Can you try to turn off LTE/3G to see if you get the same signal strength? 


Also, have you tried your SIM in another phone to see if the reception is the same?