Support Call Wait Times

Support Call Wait Times

Support Call Wait Times

I'm a Participant Level 3

Support Call Wait Times

This is the first time I've tried calling in about my Fido service and I've been on hold for over two hours and counting. Even their music playlist has been completely cycled through... Having been a Wind Mobile customer for over 6 years, I've never had to wait any longer than 30 minutes. If a 2+ hour wait time is normal for Fido, I'm going to just switch back to Wind. 


Has anyone else experienced this? 




Hey Ryan! 


This is definitely an unusual situation and we're really sorry about all the waiting time. We're receiving a much higher call volume than usual which is causing for longer hold times. 

Were you able to get through to someone on the phone or did you still need assistance? 

I'm a Participant Level 2

This is exactly what happened recently to me! and online chat too!

The waiting time is incredibly long! And the most funny thing is, all the staff in physical stores doesn't take care of any after sales problems, whatever questions you have, they tell you to call!