Spotify will not link to fido account

Spotify will not link to fido account

Spotify will not link to fido account

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Spotify will not link to fido account

I have tried countless times to add spotify to my Fido Account as a stand alone Add-on. I currently do not have a pulse plan but I have tried to go to to pay the $9 for spotify premium. I have followed all the steps that are posted on the website but it does not prompt me to link my fido account to my spotifty account. I have tried to sign up with wifi and without. Here is what happens when I try :


I am asked to type my phone number in and then I am sent a code which I type in. Then it goes straight to the step to download the app. Nowhere does it ask me to login to my spotify account. It skips all the middle steps and asks me to download the app. When I download the app I am still on the free version.


Can anyone shed some light on this?



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Hey @estrada123!

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Do you currently have a Spotify Premium subscription that you pay full price for?

If this is the case, you will need to be sure to have this subscription cancelled before connecting the $9 add-on. Here is a post the gives you a step by step on how to do this. 

Let us know if this works out for you. Smiley