Spotify premium not working.

Spotify premium not working.

Spotify premium not working.

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Spotify premium not working.


I am having trouble with my spotify premium. recently I ran into some trouble financially, and fell behind on my bill, my services were suspended, however upon resoring my services, my spotify premium subscription no longer works. i have tried to have a code resent to me through but after filling in my phone number, I get the message uh-oh must fill in all fields. please help me take care of this issue, I am headed up north for the week =, where there are no radio stations (other than french ones) and I would like to have it back and running before I leave.





Hey @jgiordano

I'll send you a PM so we can take a closer look at this together. Smiley 



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I'm having this exact issue, I got my phone way back in July but it definitely has not been 2 years, I can't locate my old post sadly. can someone also help me?

Hey @shadowsilk


Can you confirm if you tried signing out of the Spotify App and signing back in?


Let us know if it is still not working and we'll send you a PM to check out the details! Smiley