Spotify accidentally disabled by rep

Spotify accidentally disabled by rep

Spotify accidentally disabled by rep

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Spotify accidentally disabled by rep

I don't even know where to start so I will try to make this short and just say that I am now past 12 calls to 611 there is still no resolution on my problem with Spotify.


my premium Spotify account was "accidentally disabled" by a service boy at a kiosk when I had to take my phone in for repair of a faulty camera back in August. since then I keep calling him once and sometimes twice a week to get this resolved.


I've been told so many times that this issue is getting reported, sent to a supervisor and a new case is being opened and that the issue will be resolved in 72 hours, my head is spinning.

the latest is now that they can't do anything because so-and-so person is going to call me back, but guess what? He never did and its been 5 days since I haeard that one.


its been 912 hours Fido and I STILL dont have this resolved.

how many phone calls, hours of my time and annoyance do I have to face to get this sorted out?






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Hey @tkucey


I'm sorry to see you're still experiencing issues with your Spotify account. I'll send you a PM so we can take a closer look into this together!