Sorry I got connected with fido

Sorry I got connected with fido

Sorry I got connected with fido

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Sorry I got connected with fido

sorry i got connected with fido.. 90 percent of the time i can't make or receive phone calls and when I can they get dropped within the first three minutes it's pretty sad and embarrassing when your on a important phone call and it drops the call then you have no choice but to repeat the process just for it to drop the call again it's difficult and disappointing when it gets to the point where you have to start asking other people to use their phone because yours is nothing more then a very expensive paperweight. I've had this problem since the day I bought my phone I've called 100s of times when I said I was going to return my phone the day after I got it they insured me that it would work after the network settings are updated and that it takes time for it to update and to just wait through it. Now it's bin pass the time that I can return the phone and there telling me sorry there is nothing they can do about it then transferring me to some other fido employee that's tell me the same thing So now I'm sitting here with a $120 bill every month thanks fido! I feel like this was nothing but a money grab. Very disappointed in the Should have went with Telus.

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I'm sorry to hear about the issues you've been having with your device, that's definitely not normal.I'd love to have this looked into but I will need more details!


First, what happens exactly when you try to make a phone call? Are you connecting to the Fido network at all? Does this happen everywhere you are located or only in specific places? 


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Did everything get sorted?