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Smartwatch plans

Smartwatch plans

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Smartwatch plans

I'm considering getting my kids Doki smartwatches which are voice and 3G enabled with a GPS tracker built in.  It's designed to give parents a way to stay in touch with kids who don't yet need to have a phone.


It's really hard to find information on what a plan would cost. I know it uses a micro sim card that would have to be bought. 


There are smartwatch plans in the US that can be added to existing plans for $5-10. Is there anything like that up here? 


From what I can find the most comparable product currently available would be the Samsung Gear S or similar - are people paying full voice/data plans on those if they were to use them as a stand alone product?


I've already confirmed that it is compatible based on it being GSM and WCDMA enabled on all bands.


Thanks in advance for any insight anyone can offer.



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Hey Techmomof3! 


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Alright so here's the deal, we don't have specific plans for smartwatches as of yet. After a little research it looks like you'd need a data and voice plan . We have data only plans that are comaptible with voice so that would work but you'd get billed $1 per minute if a call is made, meaning that if ''voice'' is used it might be costly same case for text messaging.  Maybe that's something you can confirm with the manufacturer( verify whether voice is absolutely necessary) . Here's what our data only plans look like, click right here ( scroll to the bottom, it'd be the plans compatible with data)'! 


@Community, any thoughts on this? 


Let us know if you have more questions, it's a cool product I must say! 


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Thanks, text and voice would be what I guess gets the most use. From what I can gather the watches use minimal data. I think this is right on the brink of a new generation of technology and Canada seems to be a bit behind on plans for this sort of thing. I'm hoping by the time I get them in May or June that there may be more plans available. 


Thanks for the welcome. Smiley I've been a loyal fido customer for over 15 years now so I'm hoping a budget-friendly option for these watches comes around soon. Right now the closest I can see is the $35 a month plan, but that seems like a lot of overkill for a kids watch.


I'm hoping to hear what others have worked out if they have smartwatches - I think Samsung may be the only smartwatch with stand-alone phone technology in it in Canada right now so here's to hoping things evolve quickly. 

Since the smartwatch is using the same technology and network resources as a cell phone, there is actually no smartwatch specific plan. 


If your usage of the voice and data are very low, you may considering our prepaid plan. 

You can refill 100$ up first, and add prepaid data addon for $10/month for 100 MB (Additional data is 15¢/MB ). 

Then your monthly cost will be 10$ data fee + 0.75$ 911 fee + 0.40$ per minute  + 0.30$ per text message sent. 


For my personnal opinion, no smartwatch in market now is good enough for daily use, the main 2 issues are :

1. The battery cannot last long, usually 1 day max. 

2. The smartwatch is too heavy or too big for most people wearing on the wrist, especially for a child. 



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Thank you Adam. The watch that we have pre-ordered is child-specific and sized to be realistic for them. (If you'd like to see it, the link is here.  Doki Watch The kickstarter campaign is over so this is just informational.)


It obviously does not have the same functionality as what the adult watches are aiming for, but would likely be more expensive to do a pay-as-you-go. I am not sure of what carrier experience has been in the US but know that a few carriers have developed specific plans due to the difference between smartwatches and a regular phone and the pricing is in line with what tablet pricing is up here in Canada. I would expect it to be more expensive here because everything is more expensive on this side of the border, but know that a watch won't use anywhere near the amount of minutes, data, etc that a phone uses.


I can see there being a larger consumer base for this kind of thing because many parents don't want their kids to have a phone at the age this is targeted for. This is a great transitional option that would eventually turn in to a phone - so in many ways it would build future plans within your current customer base if this does well. Just putting it out there for thought in case anyone who reads this forum is involved in plans etc. A nominal plan that would encompass this wouldn't be a large expense to the network and would bring new customers to the Fido network. From what I've been able to find no Canadian carrier has developed a smartwatch plan. When something is low-cost, it never hurts to be at the front of the field and potentially bring in new customers by offering an extra option. 



Thanks for the details Techmomof3!


I'll definitely forward your feedback to the team in charge of our plans. 

However, since it's not something that is currently available to general market, I doubt it's going to be something we see in the next year.